Better Hematocrit Levels with Twice Weekly Injections/No Hcg?

Do the Men who are purely running on TEST Injections on T.R.T, without H.C.G which is known to charge up your E2 levels. Do these Guys/Men have way better Hematocrit Levels when they Inject TWICE Weekly with Zero added H.C.G into the mix. which by it self gives even MORE TESTOSTERONE because of the LH produced back in the body. It’s my Logical thinking having EXGENOUS Testosterone Cypionate or Enanthate Topped off with even more Testosterone from H.C.G (EOD) will make TEST in WAY high levels & E2 like 1,200+ and E2 around 50+ i am a Kinda a Slim Build 5ft 9 Tall 159 pounds. and Active walk everyday i want to inject Twice weekly on a new ENANTHATE protocol and *i want to keep my HCT blood thickness at around 47% Constantly without any Increase i ain’t started the Injections yet soon this week. Is my LOGIC & understanding fine and will i be TOTALLY okay?? will my HCT level be at 47% all the time, as long as i start off STRAIGHT away on a Twice a week protocol. it will be 50mg per shot. so about 100mg per week.

Just wondering if this Common sense Please guys. or it doesn’t matter it will increase or stabilize depending on my personal BIOLOGY?

My HCT fluctuates plus or minus 3% within a weeks time, this isn’t something you can control and there’s nothing wrong with HCT at 50%.

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only if it’s level of 55% then need to get too Donate Bank yeah? @systemlord