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Better Forearm Exercise?

Which is a better fore arm exercise for size and strength…hammer curls or reverse curls (with an EZ curl bar). I am trying to reduce my training time due to other demands. I want to pare down my exercises to a few. I can alternate/rotate movements if needed. But which one would you do if you only did one, Hammers or reverse grip curls. Thanks in advance!

One word: Deadlifts.


Shit man, I already deadlift! Seriously, I deadlift and chin with weight. I have gotten my forearms bigger with the curls listed above, but they seem to overlap alot. The omly real difference is a few degrees of suppination, or pronation depending on how you look at it.

I guess I could a hammer curl, then pronate the palm like a zottman curl and see how that works.

If I had to choose between those two exercises, I’d take Hammer Curls…but that’s simply what I prefer. You can always switch them out every few workouts for variety.

Like others have said, deadlifts are great for forearms and grip strength…as are deadlift holds and I also like plate pinchers as well.

They’re both good. Why don’t you use them in a superset?. Reverse curl till failure, then hammer curl till failure. Very time efficient. Add some forearm extensions and curls and you’ll be dangerous.

…Rack pulls for time?

pullups/chinups using towels. they’re killer. and everyone should be doing deadlifts anyway.

Thors hammer exercise. Punching a punching bag, deadlift, rackpulls, reverse curls, fat bar work. Think outside the box.

Try zottman curls

Hammer curls using a dumbell with a towel wrapped around it, but you hold the ends of the towel, see, and you can do some zotman type rotation (or in fact, any rotation) that suits you.

Hammer and reverse are both good after deadlift, you could superset them, after your last set of deadlift, do supersets of hammer/reverse. That is time-efficient.

Get a Formulator.


If you have at least some time: reverse wrist curls supersetted with reverse curls (use the same bar). This would be in addition to your biceps work. This will blast your extensors good.

If you’re really, really, pressed for time do hammer curls supersetted with DB curls and knock biceps and forearms out in one fell swoop.

On hammers and reverse curls, be sure to squeeze at the top and release sonemwhat as you lower. Squeezing the shit out of the bar the whole time only makes your BP grow, nothing else.

If you need work on the flexors, do some standing wrist curls. Go over to the squat rack, do your set quickly, and GTF out of the way before some squat guy has a brain aneurism.

[quote]TheSofaKing wrote:
Get a Formulator.


Does this formulator work / is it any good ???

[quote]Magarhe wrote:
TheSofaKing wrote:
Get a Formulator.


Does this formulator work / is it any good ???


YES! , it works but it’s fairly expensive.

Climbing a rope without using your legs works the grip well.

Barbell behind back wrist rolls, standing extensor rolls and barbell flexor rolls.

those guys are right about the deadlifts. Forearms will actualy grow bigger by gripping rather than curling. i use the zottman and the reverse curls for extra direct work though, but I want popeye size forearms.

But, indirect forearm work in a deadlift seems to be the best. I would say the reverse curls might be better simply because its less direct and more of a gripping exercise, besides you can use more weight.

heavy gripping even heavy static holds seem to work better than the direct forearm curls

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[quote]GribGrob wrote:
Magarhe wrote:
TheSofaKing wrote:
Get a Formulator.


Does this formulator work / is it any good ???

YES! , it works but it’s fairly expensive.[/quote]

Aha then I will make one myself.