Better for the Party: "Many Voices" or "STFU"?

I was recently looking at the feud between Nancy Pelosi and “The Squad” (AOC; Pramila Jayapal; Ilhan Omar; Ayanna Pressley and Rashida Tlib).

I began to ask; what is more productive to your cause…open, public opposition to your leadership…or do as most scared-sh#*t-less Republicans do…follow in lock-step with the Party Leader (Trump)…and keep your opposition to yourself. (Or suffer the consequences?)

While some tend to think the former is more “admirable”…I don’t think so; especially if your only Goal is some “ideology” and personal aggrandizement. (I personally think that “The Squad” are attention seekers as much as anything)…and the Republicans/Conservatives (if there are any true ones left); are no more than weasels and lapdogs for Trump.(With Pence at the Top).

I personally don’t deem either better than the other…but when I am “politically perplexed”…I bring it to the PWI family.


(P.S. I think that “The Squad”…and some of the stuff coming directly from the mouths of DEM Presidential Candidates; should have Trump feeling awful good about winning a second Term)


As I was writing this…Trump just “Tweet-Slapped” “The Squad”:

“Why don’t they (the Squad) go back and help fix the totally broken and crime infested places from which they came. Then come back and show us how … it is done!”

"These places need your help badly, you can’t leave fast enough. I’m sure that Nancy Pelosi would be very happy to quickly work out free travel arrangements!"

In the words of Chris Tucker in the movie “Friday…”;


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I wouldn’t be surprised, @Gkhan…one bit…

And guess what? Trump doesn’t give a sh#*t…

(By the way…if this does become another “Trump” thread? TRUMP actually pulled it that way with his Tweet).

Oh, well…!

Let’s see how it goes!

I’m wondering what happened behind closed doors that caused Pelosi to make this public to begin with.

God damn Trumps a moron. I don’t know who’s all in or out of the squad or whatever that shit is. I’m guessing all or almost all of these people come from America. I know that Omar chick is foreign born but my guess would be she’s about the only one.

Maybe Trump should go back to where he’s from (I want to say Scotland??) and work on shit there. This is really the best we can do?

And I’m not defending the squad because if it’s the ones Mufasa mentioned from what I know they are idiots on the level of Trump.


I think “The Squad” is more naive and ignorant than anything else…and are way over their heads in knowing how you truly get things done in Congress.

Now…it certainly is not by being lapdogs like the Republicans…but it also is not by getting into Public feuds with an experienced Politician like Nancy Pelosi. (Love her or hate her…Pelosi knows what she is doing). What is so crazy is that “The Squad” is so interested in grandstanding and hearing themselves talk…that they forget Pelosi is on their side.

In the meantime, Trump is “Lovin’ It” more than his beloved McDonald’s…

I’m interested to see the longevity of “The Squad”, even AOC. Denying her District millions in Jobs and tax revenue by squashing the Amazon deal didn’t seem smart on the outside…but hey…I don’t live in her District…(thank goodness…)

Trump is from Queens, no?

I came across this interesting tidbit (in relation to Trump’s “Squad” Tweet):

"There is an old maxim, sometimes attributed to Napoleon Bonaparte:

Never interfere with the enemy when he is in the process of destroying himself".

Sunday morning, President Trump chose to interfere, just as Democrats were in the process of destroying themselves.

I read it as more of a ‘go crawl back under the rock from whence you came’ kind of comment. Not classy, but not “racist” either. There were no racial epitaphs used, which is what qualifies something as racist to me. If you have to look at it a certain way to get racism, then its not racist, IMO.
But hell, people are so sensitive now everything and everybody is racist, or racist-adjacent, or some super-sensitive shit like that.
I say, give as good as you get, or stay out of the muck entirely, but I am so burned out on everything being referred to as racist, I just don’t care anymore.

The downside of stealing the spotlight. He could have just shut up and let them do themselves in. But nope. Had to snatch defeat from the Jaws of victory.


The more they fight, the better. Trump’s biggest mistake was saying anything at all. Don’t give them something to rally behind together.
What he should have done is pass a compliment either to Pelosi or ‘The squad’ and lean back and grab your popcorn as they tear each other apart.

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He needs to find something nice to say about one of those nuts, so they can claim that person is in bed with him.

It’s like he got drunk and peed on the camp fire that was going so well. But I don’t think the effects will last long. Throw another faggot on the fire and watch it burn…

Gotta’ disagree with you here, Brother @pat

Trump knew EXACTLY what he was doing (i.e. Tweeting what would assuredly fire up his Base, by putting into words what many were/are thinking)…

What you are saying that he needed to call “The Squad” Towel Heads/Spics from Queens /Nigger-Girl etc. before it’s considered racist…???

I will have to agree to disagree with you on this one…

In this context it is racist. Anyone trying to do the mental gymnastics to deny that should be ashamed at his lack of integrity. A simple test is to ask if that phrase would have been used against a white person with an Anglo sounding name. Plenty of people like that have criticized the country as well as Trump, and he didn’t tell them to go back where they came from. He didn’t say that to Ted Cruz I believe, and Cruz was born in another country. He did sort of say it to Obama however.

And saying racial epithets are necessary is incredibly ignorant. If one were to say blacks are inferior and should be enslaved, would that be racist?

My post didn’t mention racism but the comment is still stupid as fuck. Telling someone to go back Then again for Trump it’s not that bad. The bar has never been lower.

I know some people get political boners from him being a giant dick to everyone though. I think the idea that we have a leader who has never once considered the power of his words is unreal.


FWIW, The Canadian Prime Minister decided to condemn Trump’s rant. Trump does this all the time, but I feel a little better settled that Trudeau put that out there:

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Also, a little while ago a former Canadian Prime Minister suggested the Huawei arrest/Canadians detained in China because of it would best be settled by releasing Meng Wanzhou. This is dragging on and getting to be messy.

There was a time when the Senate was considered the hallowed hall of intellectual debate and eloquence. Public debate was the norm. Politicians took it on the road and gave speeches about their disagreements all the time, and people went and listened because they didn’t have TV to watch. When I was in high school we had “Lincoln Douglas debate” as a competitive category. So no, I don’t have a problem with politicians arguing in public; the problem is with the political immaturity of the American public. My parents didn’t argue in front of the kids, not because arguing is bad, but because we were kids. But the voting public is supposed to be made up of adults.

Of course, I was also referring to a time when the Congress was still the center of gravity in American politics. Congress has given up a lot of its power to the Presidency for reasons that would require a whole other essay.

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Part of the issue is that it’s one of a ton of “potentially” racial things from him since he started running and became President. People aren’t going to jump there unless you have a history. Trump has an undeniable history of at the minimum towing that line and I think going over it.

It’s pretty bad when you have to ponder if you need to back away from David Duke.

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