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Better for Mass?


Olympic lifting or powerlifting? I am currently doing a powerlifting split but I miss doing the olympic lifts? Anyone know of any routine that combines both or will that be too much.


Well, what does your current routine look like now?

I don't see any reason why you can't incorporate the Oly lifts into a hypertrophy phase. It's a mater of adjusting the volume of the workout, most likely by increasing the sets of each exercise. A powerlifting/Oly lifting hybrid can definitely produce some solid mass, assuming calories and nutrition is sufficient.


thanks for the response, right now i am doing the westside for skinny bastards.


I've had some great gains recently doing one day a weak heavy PL movements and one doing primarily olys. The past couple weeks I've had a heavy hip dominant day at the start of the week and a quad dominant oly day mid week. I tend to like that setup because I tend to do plenty of front squats when I do olys. I'll switch it up again in another few weeks, but for now it's working and it's fun.