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Better for Lowering Estrogen: Resveratrol, Calcium D Glucarate or DIM?

So my question is what works better to lower and control estrogen out of resveratrol, calcium d glucarate and dim.

I know that resveratrol stops the aromatisation of t to e and CDG and dim identify excess e and remove it from the body.

But what is the better solution and what sort of doses are we talking here.

I don’t want to take an AI, discuss AI’s or even know anything about them thanks.

DIM and calcium D glucarate doesn’t lower estrogen, it will not stop the aromatisation, to impede the aromatisation you have to block aromatisation using an AI.

DIM calcium D glucarate will help with estrogen metabolism.

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Thanks systemlord that cleared up part of it. Is resveratrol really that effective and what sort of dosage works?

Also people mention zinc as a natural AI but at what sort of dosage and is it more or less effective than resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a waste of time and money. It looks good in theory, but so did using helium in dirigibles. What prompts your question? Are you having sides? What are they?

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Personally I’ve found resveratrol works but I’m wondering if zinc or resveratrol is more effective?

So do I want to do CDG or dim and merely metabolise the e or use zinc and resveratrol to stop the t turning into e and stop my t being lowered?

I’m taking 500mg a day resveratrol and 50mg zinc a day.

I’m wondering which of these is actually doing something and can I drop the other one. I don’t really want to stop either as I feel awesome and don’t want to feel like crap again.

Why do you believe you have need of a natural ai? Have you had your e2 tested?

If you’re feeling great, why drop one, the cost? I take both as well on a daily basis. Even aside from their AI properties, you could easily make the argument to continue taking both from general health and longevity applications.

What sort of doses are you taking for zinc and resveratrol?

Resveratrol 500 mg. Zinc glycinate around 150 mg.

Is it safe to be taking 150mg of zinc?

I’ve never heard of resveratrol lowering E2…

Also I3C should work better than DIM, at least in theory

Rez-v is 600mg resveratrol and a lot here use it as an estrogen blocker. I would if I lived in USA.

I’m heading about vitamin d now as a estrogen blocker. Does anybody know if it works and how effective it is? Also the amount needed?

I’m looking at turmeric and have ordered some to use as an estrogen blocker but would like to know if it is more or less effective than resveratrol?
I’ve looked for studies but can’t find any.

Also if I’m taking resveratrol or turmeric as an estrogen blocker (I’d prefer turmeric if it works as it’s much more cost effective where I live) do I still need to take CDG or DIM to rid my body of the estrogen?

Indole 3 carbinol

Ok so I’ve been on 500mg resveratrol a day and been feeling pretty good with SOLID morning woods.

Today I took the 500mg resveratrol and tried 200mg DIM and feel good but my body seems to feel a lot warmer. Gym felt a lot easier doing my routine. Also I started taking vitamin d 8000 iu for the first few days then I’ll drop down to 4000 iu.

Feeling a bit moodier but stronger today so thinking it might be my estrogen fluctuating a bit. Wondering if I can transition to DIM only and save the costs of resveratrol as it is expensive here (not USA).

Does anybody know at what dosage grape seed extract works as an AI?