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Better Fat Loss with <1 gram of Protein/LB?


I have a large amount of body fat and with only 2000 calories per day I eat 200 grams of protein only cars at breakfast and pwo. So I eat 5 meals a day each meal is 40 grams of protein. 400 calories per meal and the rest of the calories are from healthy fat or good carbs. On workout day I also take Surge. Has anyone tried taking half their daily protein intake pwo?


Only if I don't want to feel good for a few hours.


Congrats, 40% of your diet is protein, if you're correct.

What's the other 60?


you eat cars for breakfast, damn that's hardcore.


Mostly fat from eggs fish/flax/olive oils and almonds and natural PB. I eat about 90 grams of fat. Would lowering my protein to about .75 grams/lb of body weight? I've been doing this for two weeks along with working out and cardio and only lost 5 pounds.


Look into BCAAs if you're serious about losing weight while maintaining muscle mass, which by the way is key. Lose muscle mass = slower metabolism. Sip them throughout the day


That's his problem- he needs to eat some trucks for breakfast to see any real progress. And no skimping on the engines- a real man eats the whole truck.


I meant carbs. I usually pop ten Biotest BCAA's before cardio on my off days


Are you retarded? You can't give out advice like that. He needs to be consuming a wide variety of healthy vehicles and make sure to car load every few days. Otherwise, he should mostly stick to trucks and SUVs every day that he's not car loading.

OP, you're supplementing with extra engine oil right? It really helps your joints.


Ok seriously, the reason that a lot of us eat high amounts of protein when we're cutting is:
1) High satiety - protein makes you feel fuller, longer.
2) High thermic effect - protein takes a lot of energy to digest.
3) Maintaining muscle mass - duh. Even if your body is using protein for energy, you're still flooding your system with protein, so there's no good reason for your body to catabolize muscle.

Also, you may want to take it easy on the oils and natural PB. It's great stuff, don't get me wrong. It's just that it's very calorically dense, so you'll probably have trouble feeling full on it.

All that said, you claim to have lost 5 lbs in 2 weeks. 2.5 lbs a week is nothing to be ashamed of.


thanks for clearing that up. I really thought that you meant cars


1g/lb protein is a great target. But you know, I honestly think you can make advances beyond that, especially if you're new to this stuff. I mean, I know the RDA amounts for food are largely nonapplicable for bodybuilding, but even 0.5g/lb protein is a few hundred percent higher than RDA. You'll live.

That being said, I've found that keeping protein high while cutting is a GREAT idea, and actually make it easier for me to maintain a calorie restriction, simply because the protein makes me feel so damn full.

I wouldn't put like 100g of protein into a PWO shake, just too damn much food. But betweena PWO drink and a meal an hour later? Sure. go for it.


do really need carbs at breakfast? I've been thinking of doing every meal P+F except Surge


No, I'm still around even after having no carbs for breakfast for extended periods.


Carbs aren't essential so you can do P+F...have you ever seen someone die from the Atkins Diet? Oh wait...


A lose of 5 pounds of fat in 2 weeks is very good.

Were you expecting significantly more?


he also eats them post-workout, which may be even more hardcore


Yeah I was. I was expecting more like ten I'm gonna give on carbs pwo a try


If you're referring to Dr. Atkins, he died from "blunt impact injury of head with epidural hematoma", despite rumours to the contrary.

Regardless, why would you want to drop the protein below 1g/lb? What would you replace it with? Carbs? Fats? Both? It seems to me that the benefit you gain from, say, 50g extra carbs will be less than what you lose from the removal of 50g protein.