Better Fasting Experienced When Meal Shifted to the Early AM

Coach, recently I unintentionally ended up doing two 24hr “fasts” (I did chew gum, drink coffee, and drank tea) as I was travelling for work. These went great, and were different from my other fasting experiences in the regard that the meals were at breakfast, i. e. eat breakfast - “fast” for 24hrs - eat breakfast again. No trouble sleeping.

Is it possible to extrapolate any meaningful information about my own body and its inner workings from this experience?

For comparison, at other times I’ve eaten my final meal of the day at 17-18 the previous day and gone 16-24 hours until my next meal and then I usually feel like ass the final hours and have to force myself to do not just lie down flat in the couch and even need to write notes down to be able to finish lines of thought.

Those things will break a “fast”