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Better Diet

Is anyone out there using a diet like the anabolic diet or natural hormone enhancement? The diets where you are high protein/low carb most of the time, and then Carb Load a few days during the week. I was just wondering anyone thoughts on these types of diets compared to using a berardi(P+C, P+F) diet. I basically want to gain muscle but would loved to be as ripped as possible. I’m not sure which direction to go to, and just wonder why those diets aren’t talked about as much anymore. Is there something wrong with them?

There is nothing wrong with those approaches just they were not as effective at being “anabolic” as they were good tools to preserve muscle while leaning out. If I were you, I would focus on one goal, either leaning up or putting on some muscle mass. While it is possible to accomplish both at the same time it is much more effective to focus on one and then the other. I do my bulking during the winter from about october to march and it allows me to put on a little fat and not be too self conscious about it considering no one sees you until april anyway. I find that combing Berardi principles with my own observations is the ticket to putting on quality mass with minimal fat gain. If anything your goal(if you’re looking for more size) should be to gain as much muscle as possible with the most minimal fat gains.