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Better Choice of Beef?

For the same price of 4.99 per pound I can buy either:

90/10 Free range ground beef


96/4 “normal” ground beef

I’m thinking the free range would have the better ratio of omega 3 to omega 6 but the other cut is leaner.

Thoughts from the forum-??


Eh, “free range” is a tricky word. For instance, eggs that are labeled “Free Range” are produced by chickens that are just provide a small space for them to roam outside. There’s a hatch on the barn where they can get out. The reality is that most of them stay in the barn. Therefore, you’re paying for “Free Range” eggs, but getting the exact same thing as regular ones. However, since they provide the opportunity for the chickens to go outside it’s considered free range. Not only that, but the space provided for the chickens to roam is usually small and infested with feces.

I don’t know what the deal is with “free range” cows, but if it’s anything like the eggs I’d think twice.

The feed determines the omega 3:6 ratio…just because they’re labeled free range doesn’t mean they’re not eating corn…which is what’s responsible for the bad ratio!