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Better Chest


What would you guys recommend i do to make my chest look better. I was thinking of doing more decline presses. Heres a pic.


also inclines and flat presses, maybe some flyes
doesnt have to be in the same session also


Your chest looks pretty proportional try getting size all over.


Tanning oil


Start working out?

No - seriously.... Start working out?

Seriously - to get anything 'bigger' you not only have to accept the muscles around it will get bigger and your weight will need to increase - but you need to eat more.

IME about 3 medium Cows + 1 field of potatoes + 10,000 litres of Water = 3g of muscle filled with glycogen.

Ity is not possible to have a big chest at your weight and build.

You ARE in a good starting place though - young, slim with some definition (please dont tell me you have been training years - please).
I once hated the fact i started out slim - but as someone mentioned to me - better that than fat.



Haha, yea i do eat a lot! but i can't seem to gain much muscle, I mean yea when i eat non-stop and a shit load

i will put on some weight but only around my waist. I do incline and regular bench presses.


IMO declines are almost useless. Stick to inclines and flat bench and just try to progress in strength. o yea eat.

Brook my chest was twice that size at a very similar build, so it can be done.


Buy some sun screen, because by the looks of that burn skin cancer might get you before you can get in enough lifting time.

On a more constructive note, switch to dumbbells for flat and incline press, you will be able to go a little lower and will be able to involve more muscle. Also, add dips and flys and I promise you chest will start to work with you.


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Hmm I wonder if a guy who works his incline bench/db flat (flat barbell I think is overrated unless you're a Power lifter) from a low weight to say 200+ for many good controlled reps will have a small chest? Along side lots of flies after for a nice pump. All while not eating like a little girl towards this goal. Perhaps maybe his chest will be a lot thicker/bigger after a good amount of training no?:smiley:



Dips with Weight

Partial dips at the lower extremity

Dips with assistance when your chest and triceps are dead!

Also, hold your shoulder blades back tight when benching.

Squat your butt off!

When you've finished squatting, squat some more!

20 reps minimum squats.


I don't think you eat ALOT..

If you ate the right foods at around 4500 calories EVERY day.

Lifted weights with a high Intensify EVERY workout

Got your 8 hours of restfull sleep EVERY night

repeat EVERY day

you wouldn't be asking this question. I apologize if I sound like a dick, buts that's the only way your chest is gonna grow.. You might even become a monster : )


You don't even shave your face yet. Go to the beginners forum and avoid the flaming. You are not going get the information you need in the BB forum.


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Train for a few more years, stop deluding yourself that you're eating enough and actually get eating properly, and train for a few more years.

But, since the above post from you makes you come across like a cute little bitch, synthol or implants would probably work too.


If you can do them, dips are a great exercise for chest development. Declines have their place, but don't be the kid who does tons of declines because it lets you move more weight. Overall,I'd say don't eat until you look like crap, but definitely make a concerted effort for quality nutrients at a regular cadence throughout the day. You'd be surprised at the 'overnight' progress you'll make if you keep it up for 4-6 months. Other than that, any decent program will yield some results if you put in enough time (I said 'decent' program). To reiterate what's been said, you are in a good starting place, just keep pushing and good things will happen (and yeah, better sun block next time bro -lol)



Maybe, bot what you need to account for is the fact he is not you and you not he.

What that means is the chances of his chest suddenly sprouting from a new exercise totally independently from all other body parts is slim to SFA.

While of course it is possible to have a much more developed chest at a bodyweight like that - he hasn't and so will need to put on size.

Just as for you to have improved your chest - from where it was back then (albeit bigger than his), you will have had to have grown even more - eating big and increasing your weight.

The point is total isolation is not possible, and nor is it desired.

Of course though i agree that different people will have different abilities/results in how each body part grows.

I for example have a massive penis..

(No seriously, it isn't massive. Just large..)



I am interested and intrigued in how many have recommended Dips for chest development.

I know they are considered effective, and i am aware of the kinesiology - but i never had i feel for them, killed my shoulders from day 1.
(I like them for tris where i dont lean forward as much.. but just never got the feel for chest)

I wonder if everyone who has recommended them actually has seen excellent results from them - or they simply have read that they are 'best'..

Show of hands? :slightly_smiling:


I did 3x7 Dips today, i really focused on a deep stretch and contraction of the pecs, i could

really feel them working. =]

Same with BB flat bench, last week struggles 3x6 with 135; this week got 3x7 with 135 easy.

DB incline press has stayed about the same though, still i can feel more pec stimulation.


post an average day of your eating?