Better Bulk Cycle?

Just gunna make this a short one with two main options… coming off a 15 week cycle and want to do a short estered cycle because I have yet to do so. Each cycle will be a short bulk anywhere from 6-8 weeks. Now I know stacking is always better in the long run but was just curious on which will help me add more lbs.

option A test prop 700mgs a week with 25mgs dbol

option b test prop 350mgs/npp350mgs with 25mgs of dbol

(this is obvsly not including all ancillaries/pct and such im just curious about the anabolic aspect of the cycle)

2 previous cycles test/dbol and test/eq/dbol

Current stats
6 ft
12% bf

Do the NPP!!!

I’m only saying that because I want to run it for my next cycle and am curious to see what sort of gains you get.

or plan c would be sust 250mg eod