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Im 40 and Im 5'8" and like 160 pounds. Ive been lifting for over a year and recently Ive wanted to get more serious. I eat and take lots of protein and glutamine and ZMA and NO2 and just recently started taking creatine.

My bench is maxed out at 275 and I can't seem to increase it. I do benches once a week and work out every other day. Ive been doing more tricepts and arms work and my arms are definately bigger but my bench still is stuck at 275. My back workout doesnt seem to be getting any better either.

Any tips on how I can make some gains and how my diest should be. I've been trying to lose my gut lately and Im still eating alot of protein but im eating less -how should I be eating? I read so many articles about these huge diets that would just make me fat -any help would be really appreciated! Thanks


It's hard to recommend what you should change without knowing more specifically what you're doing now.

How many calories do you eat in a day? What kinds of things are you eating?

What does your current workout look like, including sets and reps? How long have you been doing your current workout?

Btw, at 5'8 and 160lbs, you probably don't need to worry too much about cutting weight, at least not if your goal is to build strength right now. Also, you can drop the NO2 and glutamine. If you search the articles on this site, you'll find that neither is effective.


Hmm, at 40, if you aren't yet, you may want to consider something like Alpha Male. Higher T levels in general will help with recovery and growth.

Also, something to think about, might be Methoxy-7.

Anyway, these would be a much better use for your money than NO2 or glutamine I think. Also, though many say food and a good varying routine will do the trick, I think adding a bit of age can make things tough due to dropping T and recovery rates.


I cant seem to find Methoxy-7 anywhere and on bodybuilding.com it saya that aAlpha Male has been discountinued -any help? thanks


Well HMMM??? Where could One possibly find Biotest supplements. Even the ones that are HARD CORE and not sold anywhere but at a certain Special Location. A Location that give free info. EVERYDAY from some of the best in the business and has a Great community forum to ask such qustions.


Yes that was sarcasim.

The best place to order Biotest supps and get info. on them is Right here at T-Nation.

Here even a Link so you dont miss it on the Front Page


Just giving you a hard time bro.

Check them out and the product threads as well and shoot any further ?'s you may have and we'll be glad to help, even with a bit of sarcaism mixed in.



Read the beginners forum. If you're talking about gaining weight while "Eating less" to "lose my gut" thats where you should be reading.

Its starting to get cold. Bulk up, it wont "just make you fat" if you workout properly, and you could definitly find a plan on here considered "proper". Then, once march comes, start eating less to cut down- it'll be easier to lose fat with more muscle.


I ordered one bottle of Alpha Male. Should I try the Methoxy-7 too. I work out pretty hard 4 days a week so Im not just relying on supplements -just want any help I can get -thanks


While I am a HUGE fan of that combo. I am also a fan of people, myself included, adding only 1 new supp at a time. Finding out what it does. Then add another assess, etc.. This way you know how you reat to each alone and which is effective at what etc. Then the combos come

Just my take,


I say stack em. NOW. I agree with the above if you have lots of time, but why wait the extra time?