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Better Bicep Supination?


I came across a vid recently about a "different" way of doing db bicep curls. I normally just grab the db in the middle, but I guess you can also grab the db closer to one side (as shown in vid), and supposedly using the latter technique helps with better bicep supination. Is doing it this way a better method/more advantageous for muscular growth? Just curious what your thoughts are on this.

Here's the vid:


yeah that guy looks like he has built some huge gunzzz!

On a serious note I remember reading an article on here that talked about the same thing. Holding DB's at different ends of the grip rather than right in the middle of the handle. I'm sure it would be good to throw in some times but I dont know that its really going to make that big of a deal to be honest. There are some other guys on here who'll know better and should chime in soon. I just dont think it would be a huge difference.



Makes a big difference for me... that's how I do dumbbell curls.


This is something I have always done naturally with dumbbell curls, though not necessarily for the benefit of working supination, but just because it allows me to loosen my grip on the handle and use less forearm to get the weight up.


Yea, when i get into heavy alternating curls ill be doing this. I think its important to say that keeping your palms forward throughout the entire movement has its place too; bringing it up in a hammer fashion and supinating it like demonstrated in the video throws a good amount of forearm into the movement.

Also, id recommend trying the wrist twisting on a preacher bench while doing 1 handed dumbbell curls. I actually tried this today, just for funsies, and really liked how it felt. Got home and saw this thread and thought "FATE!"


I don't chime in here much but there are a few member here that I do talk too quite a bit and I believe I have grown a pair of 'decent' guns.

you can do whatever routine you want, you can pile 2pps on the bar for barbell curls but what you need to do is focus on the stretch and contraction on every rep, weight is irrelevant(to a point).

I do it the way he shows in the video, I think the majority of the people on this board would benefit from doing it the same way.

My avatar is dated, I for some reason cannot upload a new one. I am bigger though trust that.


And THAT'S a situation right there.

BTW, these BK arms are catching up quickly fool.


You don't supinate your bicep, you contract it.


...been doing my shit like that for a minute...

Shit takes stress off my fucked up wrists, and it feels more natural than holding the db in the middle and curling.

I have yet to notice a difference in how my biceps feel though.

...same contraction as before...