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Better = Better? No Assistance


I was reading some articles and Jim mentions not adding assistance and do supplemental work? This is has a lot of principles from the Beyond 531 book. Is cancelling out assistance work and adding supplemental work the way to go? Currently on a 2 day template adding throws and jumps. Conditioning 3 days a week.


It is not the way to go for most people.


So keep assistance work for the most part? I know you don’t know me personally but just as a rule of thumb.


Yes. In general each training day consists of 3 movements that are taken from 3 different categories. We shoot for a total rep range, all depending on what we are doing for the main lift and supplemental lift. Very simple.


Thanks, how would you set up a 2 day lifting for your clients. Similar to the 2x2x2.


It kind of depends on who it is. How a middle age woman trains is much different than a soccer player or a kid who is going into ROTC. So it’s impossible to answer as we have a wide variety of people. All have goals and a prep phase. As well as “homework” they must do on their own. I absolute refuse to work with people who don’t have discipline.


Makes sense, Wish I could have an opportunity to be coached by you, I know all the core principles but have a hard time adjusting templates and all that other stuff, very confusing. Especially when my goals are broad. Get strong,bigger, and more mobile while working a FT job and enjoying everyday life. Thanks for you wisdom.


I see two issues.

  • The job of setting goals doesn’t end at the high level. Pick a specific goal for a short period which gets you closer to the long term goal, one goal and work towards it. The balance of chasing one priority without completely sacrificing another will come with experience. This skill will serve you well with life outside the gym.

  • Adjusting templates to meet your goals instead of choosing a template which matches your goals. Unless you have to work around a movement, the tweaks have been done.


Which starting template would you begin with?