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Bets, Practical Jokes and Pranks

So in my loop of friends it’s very common knowledge NOT to bet against me. ‘Cuz you know … snif… I never lose. Why? Not that I know everything but because I don’t bet unless I’m 150 bazillion percent sure. So this dumbass FNG (Fuckin’ New Guy/Girl) we had on the boat actually took a bet against me…guess the snickers from the rest of the guys didn’t tip him off. So ol’ Rainman lost the bet. Don’t TELL me I don’t know my own Audioslave cd - he thought it was Soundgarden. Can you say stupid ass bet? Anyway, those are the only bets I make - fucking obvious ones. So I made him do a set on the wakeboard naked. Got the pics but the mods won’t let 'em go up.

So what are the best bets, practical jokes or pranks you guys’ve pulled on similar dumbasses.

I did the hand in warm water when the dumbass passes out. It works.

Okay, I used to be a professional gambler and card hustler. Just a word of warning that if you ever meet me never ever ever ever bet me money when there’s a deck of cards involved. I know you think you can win, I know you’re absolutely positive that there’s no possible way on the planet that you can lose. Just as certainly there is no way that you’re going to win, trust me on this.

  1. Weld someone’s dorm room door into the frame while they’re in it.

  2. Weld someone’s steel toe (showing through the leather) to the leg of the table they’re working at.

  3. Walk up to a personal trainer in they gym who’s working with a client and say “It’s good that they’re letting you work with clients again so soon after the lawsuit” I do that to my co-workers all the time.

  4. Any sort of propostion bet. These are bets that sound absolutely impossible but then you go and win them through lateral thinking. Holding a burning match upside down for 30 seconds without getting burned etc.

  5. Put together a popular web forum that allows you to type huge posts then devours them when you hit submit. Forcing you to retype, but it’s never as good the second time around. :wink:


ps. if you ever get to meet me make me show you some card tricks.

Havent really played any good jokes lately. But as for bets I have been addicted to C lo the past 3 weeks. Not playing for big money or anything. If you didnt know C lo is a dice game, and if your intersted ill post how to play.

Great stuff guys,

Irondock -" classic gag", I never thought it would work till I tired, an I’ll be damn … It does work. I’ve even done the ol’ lemon jello in the toilet bowl , an the person goes uum #2 the damn stuff doesn’t flush. ok ok that one was very wicked.

Sturat - Those are some great ones, sounds like you are a cruel joker, I like it. As for betin cards with you hahaa um no…Remember I only make bets I know for sure I can win aaaand waaay obvious ones. What other goods ones you got? I’m runnig out of things to make people do. The naked guy runnig down the street is getting old… But it still makes me laugh my ass off. So now I make em wakeboard naked. Now thats funny. LMAO!!! OH Shit … HAHA When they get out of the coooooold water… HAHAHAA!!

J Rod - Love to know how to play your Dice game. Can you make bets kind of like strip poker? You know, get the lil hotties down to the ido thongs. :wink:

A guy I knew at work got two magazine subscriptions to a couple of gay porno mags and put his best friends name on the subscriptions. He then had them sent to his friends neighbors homes on either side of his friends house. The guy probably couldn’t understand why he wasn’t invited to the next block party!

Another great one was the bill me later magazine etc. thing. Remember this was college, and I was slightly less mature.
A guy was taking over our apt. after graduating. He wanted to move in his tufff early, as in before the inspection period. You’re are not allowed to do that. They would have took his stuff and charged a garbage removal fee.
Well, he got a kid to dress up in a police uniform to attempt to scare us into letting him do something stupid. We didn’t buy it. So, the bill me later started. We sent him literally hundreds of various magazines, tape clubs, tv offers, and whatever. What put him over the edge was the old fish caller. Imagine getting cat fancy, veggie times, crappy cassette tapes etc. He eventually was on antidepressants and was still in college ten years later. I will not unleash the fury unless you’re way stupid. We tried to explain to him, but he didn’t listen.

Saran wrap the toilet. Works just as well a the jello and takes less time. Plus it’s a little easier to clean up . . .

Oh, what else is there. Here’s a good one if you work in an office with someone. Take their office chair and take the seat part off the central pole. Those poles are ususally hollow and a great place to pour a bag of frozen shrimp. It takes a little while for them to thaw and start to stink but nobody will be able to find the source.

I’ve got soooo many of these. If somebody’s bedroom or dorm room or whatever is a door that opens inward you can take industrial saran wrap and put it up across the door frame. They open the door and walk right into the stuff.


Most of the practical jokes I know are firehall related. My favourite is to sprinkle a significant amount of flour in one of the probies white bed sheets before he goes to bed. You can’t see it and it’s funny when you get an alarm in the middle of the night and the probie has to go looking like casper. I also like to tie a mop string to the end of a piece of dowling and lightly cast it onto the face of one of the probies in the next bunk. If your gentle enough he’ll think it’s a fly or bug and keep smackin himself in the face. There’s a million practical jokes from the firehall I can’t think of right now.

Sturat, that saran wrap in the door is even funnier with packaging tape sticky side out. We used to do that at my old job all the time.

I don’t do bets , but last winter the snow got to me (at least that’s what I’m blaming it on) and I made, and LOST, a ridiculous bet.

I am horrible with remembering faces - absolutely horrible - did I mention I totally suck ass at remembering faces? Yeah, that’s me. Sure, I can quote Shakespeare after not having cracked him open in over a decade but I can’t pick my own mother out of a crowd. So with my incredible powers of observation and visual retention (retardation?), I made a bet about an actor. All that glaring white snow whipping past me at 65mph all day must have fried my brain. I lost.

And the bet? Snow angels. Nude snow angles.

Luckily for me I sweet talked the asshole into letting me at least wear boots and underwear and do only one snow angel.

Freeze a can of shaving cream overnight(Barbasol stuff), cut off the ends, then put it in someone’s desk at work. As it warms up, it expands to like 100 x it’s normal size.

I’ve put superglue into someone’s lock before so they couldn’t put their keys in and never knew why. Had to get new locks.

How about saran wrap around someone’s car with unscrewed oreos on the windows? How about a lit match on the back of someone’s show? Or icyhot in the jock?

Anyone ever see the show Punk’d on MTV? Check it out, all practical jokes.

Celophane tape over the connections on the phone receiver (only works with wired phones). Phone rings, he picks it up, but there’s no one on the line.

Paper bag of dog crap on the front porch. Light the bag on fire. Person comes out and stomps out the flames.

Light mist of water on the windshield, then dusted with baby powder. Dries rock hard and takes a razor blade to remove.

A story from a friend of mine. Roomate in a frat house passed out drunk. The boys carried him on the couch he was sleeping on in his boxers out to the grass median between two busy roads. He slept for hours before waking up, cars driving by and honking etc didn’t wake him… until one does and he fell off the couch and alsmot rolled into traffic.

Just wanted to notify people that a new game is out by JoWood called “Neighbours From Hell”, in which the point of the game is to play as many practical jokes on your neighbour in the given amount of time. It’s amazing!

Just wanted to notify people that a new game is out by JoWood called “Neighbours From Hell”, in which the point of the game is to play as many practical jokes on your neighbour in the given amount of time. It’s amazing!

–Simple yet effective… photocopy 50 copies of a paperclip and stick those 50 copies back in the paper resevior. The next person who makes copies will have a paperclip on thier fresh copy and will more than likely spend 20 minutes looking for the little bugger, heck they might even request your assistance.

Brad - simple, but yet just absurdly hilarious.

LMAO, thanks for the laugh, I was in dire need of one today. I can’t wait to try the saran wrap on the toilet, just not at my house.

I have a friend who is notorious for getting drunk and passing out prematurely, as in right in the middle of parties. He has been “tea bagged” so many times that it has become his nickname. One night he passed out on my friend’s couch and slept in, so he was late getting to a family reunion the next day. We wrote DICK right across his forehead in black permanent marker. I guess after about 20 people at the reunion said “hey dick” he figured it out.

Another good one: when I was a college freshman living in the dorm at OSU, we frequently drank in the afternoon. One day a guy drank so much he blacked out, so we got a few of the football players to pick his bed up and put it in the elevator. We hit the lobby button, ran down the stairs to watch from afar, and discovered a large group of high school seniors with their parents taking a tour of the campus. Their facial expressions when they saw this train wreck in the elevator: priceless.

One of the best jokes I know I learned
back in my bartendng days in college.

Get a bottle of Baileys Irish Cream, and a bottle of Roses Lime Juice and two shot glasses. (If you’re bartending you don’t suggest this for someone, you recommend it if someone asks for something to fuck up their friend.) Tell the unsuspecting schmuck that this is a great shot, is a taste thing, is really cool…build it up a bit. Instruct them to shoot a shot of BAileys and hold it in their mouth, don’t swallow. Then shoot a half shot of Roses and swish.

What happens next is basic chemistry. Baileys contains real dairy cream. Roses is a very concentrated lime juice, an acid. Acid + milk fat = curdle. The stuff in the persons mouth goes from liquid to cottage cheese to stucco in about 1. 5 seconds. IS hilarious to watch. We called it a cement mixer, is also called a cum shot.