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Bets and Pugs: the Fat Fast continues.

Let’s see…bitchy, brainless, PMS - and with breath like fish oil! DAYUM!

Pugs, I’ve ripped on you before, bud, but you’re a better man than I am! LOL!

Seriously, good job Bets. (You can still read, can’t you…? :slight_smile: ) I understand the need to feel like you’re not giving in and if you have even one cheat you’ll fall completely off the wagon. More power to you!

Still, if you find your fat-loss tapering off, try reading Joel’s Cheater’s Diet for some interesting ideas on leptin and its relationship to fat plateaus.

Stay strong!

800-900 cals!!! No wonder you’re braindead! You MUST meet your daily cal requirements or your muscles will waste and your body will turn to jelly. EAT! EAT!!! EAATTTTT DAMN YOU!!!

how do i get more cals???

Are you kidding?

Look, I know that you eat to get more calories, so no frigin need for the sarcasm. All I meant was that I am drking shakes every 3 hours and eating a can of tuna…
what more can i eat?
what should I do? have a protein IV drip? come on, if you wanna help, help. im not an idiot, i know that you have to eat more to get more cals, i just meant how can i possibly get more calories with the way I am eating.
I have taken 17 fish oil caps, and 5 shakes and a can of tuna.

G’wan 'n tell her Pugs! You lying retch! You said you were leaving her for me, for to take me away from horrid Master Merrow. And now you feign disinterest in me while your underfed mistress multi-tasks by knocking into doorways and onsloughts of bitchery? You suck Pugs! Suck Suck suck! Go now. Go now and Fast upon your fat. I shall gorge upon the tears of eternal misery!

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  • Eric

i hit 1200 cals today. added 2 pieces of cheese.

Whoa! Slow down there! I meant no sarcasm, Bets!! Sorry to offend! You see, there’s this monkey butler of mine, and he… NO! NOT THE CHINA YOU IMPISH DOLT!!! You see what I’m dealing with here?? “Marsh… Merrow… Reprimanding disobedient baboons since 1937”

I’d hit 1200 cals too. Where’d you add the cheese to? Aw, shite yeah, that rhymed all serendipidously.

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I know, I just looked like an idiot for asking “how do i get more calories” but I just meant that I feel like I am eating as much as I can, do you know waht I mean? I have a shake when i get up, then every 3 hours until bed time (usually 1.5 scoops cause 2 is too much for my stomach) and I subsitute one of those meals with a can of tuna, plus I aim for about 20 fish oil caps a day. Pugs had told me not to eat cheese, but today I did just cause its quick cals. Thats all I meant, I know it sounded like a stupid comment, I just meant that I am eating frequently, as much as my body can handle at one time, but I am still short on calories.

I just ate 2 slices of cheese…or were you joking…
remember, no brain power here…if it was a question, theres your answer, otherwise, i bet i look pretty dumb :slight_smile:
FYI everybody, I MADE IT THROUGH DAY 4!!

Master Merrow! I, er, did not realize you would be home so early. Afterall, the buffet is open until midnight and they often make special arrangements for your stays there, such as the time on your birthday went you spent 48 hours in a large vat of gravy.

I was simply testing the china to make sure the shards would not injure your internal organs for I’ve noticed as of late you have taken several chunks of the dishes when eating in front of you compared-to-you-miniscule-yet-actually-wide-screen tv. I am only looking out to protect you, my gratuitously gargantuan employer. Furthermore I…Look, sir! An overturned truck with a Hershey, PA license plate! runs away

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I don’t usually post on these boards, but this thread is one that I think is worth contributing to. I may sound like a heretic or something of that nature, but I don’t agree with substituting meals with protein shakes and so forth.

Let’s be honest here, does a protein shake and chicken broth satiate you? Or anyone for that matter? Eating real food is definitely the best way to go, as far as maintaining your sanity over the long haul, and for your health.

The key is to eat a large variety of foods that have a low calorie/volume ratio. This will include foods such as vegetables (minimal dressing/oils), unrefined grains, fruits, and lean meat (again, minimal sauces and oils).

Because of the popular press and fads so omnipresent in the media, it is easy to be lulled into the use food substitutes to try to achieve rapid weight loss. While this may work over the short term, what does it matter when you gain all the weight back in 2 months because you get sick of living on protein shakes and seeing your friends and family who are eating solid food?

So, what I propose is that in order to maintain weight loss over the long term is the following:

-Allow liberal consumption of unrefined grains, and carbohydrates, unlimited vegetables and fruits.

-Small portions (4 oz) of lean meats during meals with little to no sauces.

-A maximum of 20% of total caloric intake from fat.

-No refined carb sources at all?no sugar, no fruit juice, no soft drinks, cookies, cakes, pretzels, candy, etc.

-A maximum of 4 grams of sodium per day.

Basically, this type of diet will ensure that you cannot overconsume calories because you will be stuffed well before you can eat enough calories to gain fat. Additionally, the absence of flavor enhancing substances will decrease the tendency for overeating. Think about it: If someone eats 2 cups of plain oatmeal for breakfast, a few hard boiled eggwhites, and a couple apples…I would be shocked to hear that he/she could be wanting more food to satisfy his/her hunger. But this meal would be only about 500 calories. This is the type of diet that humans consumed before the proliferation of processed foods.

It is certainly not easy to eat in this manner especially since it requires willpower to eat in a manner completely different than your coworkers, friends, and family. But then again, drinking protein shakes all day isn’t exactly a “normal” pattern either. I have turned quite a few people on to this type of eating style, and it works so long as the people can eat like this most of the time. No, it?s not sexy because you can?t buy it in a canister or market it, but it works.

Bets, you are doing well, but you getting closer to the brick wall, at an accelerating pace. When I did fat fast, I ate rotiseree chicken(pulled the skin off, unless it was crispy-YUM), and I also made a salad (one of the bagged romaine lettuce) type, with half a carton of cottage cheese(skip the lofat because the put more crap in it- read carbs), and drizzled with a mixture of extra virgin olive oil and flax oil. Mix in a glass shaker-thingy some white vinegar, some flax oil, some e.v. olive oil, and some McCormick’s Italian seasoning. Add other spices to your liking- oregano, rosemerry, and thyme. This will help make the cottage cheese taste a lot better, and is a great P+F meal. Also, don’t forget about Salmon in a can, and also sardines. Don’t worry about the carbs in the lettuce, as they are negligible, any trust me, the fiber is good. Hope this helps, The Starkdog

Drew…Your asking to get flamed for posting that…Don’t you think that we don’t already know that about solid food, This is a healthy diet if you choose to make it that. This is just a way to jumpstart weightloss, and of course if you get off any diet and go back to your old eating habits youll gain it back DUH!. when we get off this well gradually introduce stuff like carbs and calories BUT gradually, thats common sense, yes well prolly gaing back 5 lbs back in water and glycogen but well be alot thinner than we both ahve ever before, this diet is perfect for her cause she used to not be able to hold herself from cheating… If yuo gave her an inch she would take a mile, so this diet is perfect for her cause she can’t cheat, me on the other hand I have no problem getting back on the diet after a carb up meal, so since she isnt getting any chance she won’t cheat…This is my way of dropping lots of pounds of fat and then finely tuning my body’s weight so that is its natural point,I have been dieting before this since june up until thanksgiving on t-dawg, Given i went from 268 to 244 but thats very slow progress…So now I want to drop some more weight to get down to my goal weight Finally and for once in my life, this is hard but very worth it to me. Also you say this isn’t healthy whats healthier in your opinion…Living another year with this very unhealthy fat around the cardiac belt or dieting for ONE month to drop this weight and never have it again for the rest of my life sounds to me like #2 wins. And hold your tongue Bets, Ive already taken care of this.(Shes got PMS and a gun any questions so you wouldnt want her to post on here).

Out of here
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Well Day four is over…Very easy day for me today…Had my cheat meal for the week…A pizza and boy it was good!!! i will not have any problems sticking to it for the rest of the week now. Something funny has happend to me today though, i had enough energy to do Hang cleans and the first PR zone and then I was toast guys. But then I did 5 Mins of intense rowing and I was beat couldnt do anymore…But the funny thing was…3 hours after doing that my heart rate was fricking 120 beats a minute! IDK wtf is up with that never happend to me before, Im hotter than two mice fucking in a sock cause of my metabolism being jacked up from that pizza, My room is freezing but im hot as hell. My heart rate as of now is still really fast like 90 bpm now, is this cause of the Pizza and my metabolism? kinda freaky to me. Had my shake tonight to total 200 grams of protein and 3000 cals…Thats a kicker for my metabolism isn’t it?
Onto tommorow for me today was easy and now that that craving is out of my system I should be fine for the rest of the week. Any idea for the heart rate enlighten me.

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Drew man, don’t spoil the peoples’ diet. It’s very doable, and I’ll join them in a couple days.

Bets! Ok, this is very simple. How to meet your daily cals? I’ll tell you exactly what I did.

I made an excel spreadsheet with two columns: protein and oil. for 1500 cals, you need 85g fat and 190g protein. I figured it out: One tbs flax is X amount of fat. One scoop powder is Y amount of protein. Then I divided the 85 by X and got that I must eat this many tbs of flax. I divided 190 by Y and got that I must eat this many shakes. Write down those numbers at the top of the column. Whenever you have a shake, put a vertical line in the protein column. Same for the oil. Repeat until the number of vertical lines fulfills the requirement. This should be very simple.

If you find it impossible to reach 1500cal, I suggest getting off the diet ASAP before you lose your muscle mass. It’s really simple though. Eat. Vertical line. Eat. Vertical line. Don’t like the diet? You aren’t really supposed to. Just do it.

Drew darling-- I am sure a number of people will eat you alive on this issue, perhaps even my very own pugs…the only thing i wanted to say was in response to your statement that I will gain all the weight back in 2 months when I am sick of protein shakes. That, my dear, is the reason you only stay on it for a month. Pugs and I both know that this is not a lifelong diet. And we will not shoot back to carbs when we are done.

I thank you for your concern

Yes, protein shakes and chicken broth DO now satiate me. (And dont forget the tuna)

1500 cals? I thought I was supposed to be eating 1300.

oh, and I am down another 1.5 lbs from yesterday, thats a total of 8.5 lbs in 4 days.