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Bets and Pugs: the Fat Fast continues.

Hey everybody. My boyfriend Pugs and I recently started Fat Fast. Today is day 3 for us, and we are going strong (hungry, but strong). I started out at 241 lbs, 31% bodyfat and Pugs started at 254 and 23%. Anyways, we are both drinkin Low Carb Chocolate Isopure (damn that stuff is good). I am taking Methoxy-7 and MD6 and Pugs is taking androsol and MD6. We have found tremendous comfort in Chicken broth. Makes your body think you’re eating real food!! I am trying to have tuna 2X a day, cause I am having a hard time meeting my caloric needs (no more than 1300). I am doing 5x5 for a workout, and pugs is doing EDT. Day 1 was completely miserable for me, but its fine now. Today was the ultimate test, I was in the mall doing xmas shopping and I smelled cinnabuns and pretzels and I almost died. But I resisted. So far, Pugs is down 11 lbs, and I am down 5—neither of us have cheated even the least little bit!! So, I wanted to create this thread to update you all on our progress throughout the next 28 days, and get as much support for the two of us as we can!! So, wish us luck!!!

Pugs, you are amazing and you inspire me. It’s all for you baby.

Do it for yourself Bets.

I am. I have wanted this my whole life. It came out wrong, he and I are doing it together, for ourselves and WITH eachother.

keep up the deication you will be rewarded in the end. I am in week 10 of my 12 week cutting (self developed) i cheated more than i would like to admit in weeks 1 - 6 but refocused and seen great results because of it. Moral of my story is stay dedicated from the start and your results will be great, but if you go astray don’t quit results can still be had.

keep up the good work, i’m routing for ya!

ps. can you post me a link to find the fat fast diet!

Day 1: Well my first day has gone pretty good, very lethargic, and don’t have much energy maybe exam time wasn’t the best time to do this but oh well. Im already six pounds down on water weight which is alot for one day…I made my own concoction of 1.5:1 ratio of sunflower oil and flax oil to consume cause it seemed that sunflower was a very good source of polyunsaturated fats as well as a good dose of monounsaturated fat and when I combined the two it tastes horrible but pain for pleasure I geuss, I think me and betsy will keep this thread for our daily or every other day posting of our progress I started at 254 or so and about 23% bf…so onto tommorow for me where I will be deciding what workout I will choose and do…wish me luck Good luck to my baby I am so proud of her for even getting this far and I know she can do this if she keeps at it. Pugs

Day 2 God these days on seem like eternity, but I’m still hanging in there, My stomach has been in knots since I have started, like an upset stomach kinda. I havent had hunger pains yet, just mad cravings, but I gonna havce one clean cheat meal a week to combat this. I started EDT fat program today, im not sure if im gonna be able to keep doing it. I was fine till i got to the last pr zone, I just had no energy, I unloaded the weights sluggishly and I had enough energy to walk 50 feet before i had to sit down cause I was gonna pass out, my face was pale as a ghost… I couldnt walk for like 25 mins when I was walking to the chair my peripheral vision was all blurry and out of focus…The whole lightheaded and gonna pass out thing isn’t the first time its happened meltdown did it to me too. but not nearly this bad, im gonna do one more EDT and see if it happens again…if it does im not sure what workout im gonna do then. My weight is down to 243 tonight so far 11 pounds lost in two days…all water weight is my geuss… ill kep you all updated…till then Keep up the good work babycakes I love u too death I know you can do it. Im proud of you ,very proud. Pugs

well today was one big temptation for me Very rough. Most people talk about sweets cravings they get with me its the opposite that i craved today, I craved salty stuff…To satisfie thios craving I had two cans of chicken broth at 30 cals a can with veggies and lots of salt, very filling and satisfying and it also had 12 grams of protein not a “meal” but a filler, held me over for a few hours…But made me feel like the biggest ass like I was cheating, but I wasn’t…thank god tommorow I get to have carb up or cheat meal but that has yet to be decided what that will be…my weight is the same if not maybe a pound down from last night…I have a question for you guys…I am having trouble drinking lots of shakes so im resorting to having 3 shakes a day… what is the most protein one could digest in one meal? cause some of my shakes have 75 g of protein in them. On to tommorow I can’t wait to have my cheat meal yeah!!! And im gonna try another edt session and see if I can stand it if not any suggestions…?
Good job bets ur doing wonderful im proud of you…Love you


Hey Guys good job. First three days are the hardest and every day gets easier from this point on. You’ll do great!

For the record everybody, I am doing this diehard. NO cheat meals or carb-ups or whatever crap pugs is doin. For me, its all or nothing. If I cheat, my cravings would come back full force and I’d lose so much momentum. At the start of day 4 I am down another 2 lbs, thats 7 lbs in 3 days. However, I think part of the reason I am not losing as quickly as pugs is cause I am PMSing, and I tend to retain water at that time. (I know that might have been too much info for you guys, but it explains the weight, so I felt it neccessary). Anyways, thus far, my only problem has been not having enough calories. I havent been able to break 1000, but I am getting approx 200g protein. Its the flax oil/fish oil thats killing me. I cant stand the taste of flax oil, so I put it in my tuna fish (still nasty, but more bearable) and I am having about 15 fish oil caps a day. Anyways, today will be a tough day, cause I am having family over and I am sure there will be lots of tempting food, but those #s on the scale make it too hard to cheat.

keep it up pugs, i love you.

Pugs, you haven’t told her about US yet? You bastard!

MBE: “Creating a scene near you since 1982.”


What does that mean?

OK, my brainpower is officially gone…I figured out your comment like 30 minutes later.

HAHA. funny. every consider standup?

Day 15: What’s my name? Oh, right. Bets. I ate some fish today. Or was it tuna? I tend to forget these things.

You are so right. My brain power is completely gone. I went to pay cash for an xmas gift last night and gave the guy the wrong amount 4 times and proceeded to yell at him for not being able to count. LOL. this diet has turned me into a raving bitch with the mental capacity of a 4 year old.

Hey now, If it wer’nt for chicks with the mental capacity of a 4 year old, i’d still be a virgin.(lol) God bless em’ (wipes tear from eye)

lol this diet is very hard on you. When I tried the FF, I was eating only low-carb protein powder (wildberry! ugh), flax oil, and canned tuna. I managed to stay on it for 10 days, and I didn’t find it particularly hard. The reason I cut it off is because I got grossed out by the protein powder, and didn’t think of switching to tuna. Oh well :0|

You guys …LMAO at your posts…MBE STFU!! That fling was supposed to be between us!~!!Your mouth is looser than toothless whore, or wait was that you i can’t remember…It was good though…

PUGS…“Hittin’ MBE’s Stuff since 1982”

Boy oh boy. what a day it has been. If I made it through today, Christmas day will not be a problem. My little cousins are here for the weekend, and they wanted to make gingerbread houses. So, who is volunteered to help? Me, of course. So I got to sit all day and play with frosting and candy, with my little monster cousins eating it all and saying “Betsy, these ones are soo good! Try it, please! Just one!”. But, I am proud to report, I did not even have one measly M&M. nothing. I didnt touch any of it.

Then I got to make them lunch, grilled cheese sandwiches, goldfish, strawberries, god I wanted a grilled cheese so bad. But I didnt even have a bite. I grimmaced and sucked down my protein shake. Now my mother is making chicken, greenbeans, and mashed potatoes for dinner, and I can’t partake. I am sitting up in my room with my chicken broth and tuna fish. YUUUUUUUUMMMMMM.

But I am proud of myself for resisting the temptations, over and over again. As Pugs can attest to, I am REALLY bad at resisting temptation. But day 4 is almost over and I am still goin strong as ever!! and it IS getting easier!


You're a better woman than I, for I cannot stand not eating carb. I tried T-Dawg, which allows you some carb, and even that put me at the mental capacity of a 2 yr old, and I couldn't even create a simple Excel spreadsheet to track the team progress and stuff. Quite embarrassing. My manager thought I just didn't get any sleep the night before. *sigh* I had to get off of it w/in 3 days because I wasn't functioning at work, and I really can't do that. (And on top of that, all the guys thought I was PMS'ing cuz I was such a bitch. LOL)

Just out of curiosity, I'm not sure what you mean by you're having a hard time meeting your calorie needs. Is it because you can't stomach the food, so you eat less than you should or what? I can eat up 1300 calories in no time. (Yes, I eat too much. *sob*)

Keep at it, and I'm quite sure you'll do great. Cheers!


Thanks for the support! Its so much appreciated!

I know what you mean about being a bitch…just ask pugs, I’ve been pretty nasty lately.
I’m not getting enough calories cause I can’t. I have like 4 shakes a day, plus a can of tuna and some chicken broth, and like 15 fish oil caps. That only comes up to between 800-900 cals. I had a peice of cheese today to get some more calories in, and I have my shakes like every 3 hours, so I cant eat more frequently. I’m just gonna keep increasing my fish oil intake everyday. If I take to much, I start having fish burps, and thats really not pleasant.

So yeah, I am bitchy and brainless, AND pmsing, but I’m not giving up.