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Bets and Pugs: Fat Fast Update?

This was definitely an interesting thread. So…what’s up? Did Bets and Pugs finally get pissed off enough at the caustic posts and say “screw it, we’re not gonna set ourselves up for any more abuse by these morons”? Or did they finally just say “screw it, this diet hurts too much!”? How about an update, guys?

I think they went away mad. There was a compliant from them in this weeks Reader Mail.

Well I got off track for a few day starting xmas eve, but I am back on track now and doing another 14 days cause of my screw up and im determined to finish this…only gained four or five pounds over this period…thats amazing considering most of its prolly water and I lose 2-3 of it again since ive started over again…Goes to show how bad my caloric deficit was since I didn’t gain much. But Im back on track now and doing another 14 days today is day two, I was 244 yesterday still down 14 pounds I believe from where I started so I am pleased so far…Ill keep u updated…


Keep at it. It looks like your going on strong. How’s Bets doing in this. Good luck Have happy and healthy New Year.

I heard they continued posting on the body-for-life site.

So W, what about those North Koreans?

John austin- I heard your mother was a cross between a wolf bitch and a window shutter…Is this true?

(if you didn’t catch the sarcasm don’t post on here unless you have anything helpful or supportive to say.)


Keep up the good work. It is a pain in the ass diet but well worth the results.

Hey pugs dont worry bro, you and bets have the support of the vets on the boards. Fuck everybody else. Keep it up.

ditto BFA (but not a vet).

Truthfully El why aren’t U a vet yet, did u try and sign up onm the dog pound yet? You deserve to be a vet me thinks…

Pugs btw thanks guys

Pugs. Is there something wrong with body-for-life?

In my opinion there isn’t but on this board its like talking witchcraft in salem Mass…its helped thousands of people change their bad habits and replace them with good ones…It wasn’t my cup of tea, but it is a good program for average joes and not our type, so saying it on this board to me I would take it as an insult knowing their mindset on it.


Hi—first of all, I am still doing Fat Fast. Contrary to popular belief, I’m still force feeding myself chocolate isopure and enjoying my chicken broth, and have not gone to body for life, or dropped out completely. I am starting to get a little concerned with what will happen afterwards though. I am concerned that no matter how slowly i reintroduce myself to carbs, i will be even more carb sensitive than I am now. ( I am hyperinsulinemic, by the way).

And to “W.” who posted a few messages back about the complaint in reader mail. You said “they” posted a complaint. Pugs and I are not married, and unless it says “Bets and Pugs” it is not from “us”. I’m not meaning to sound bitchy, but Pugs does not speak for me, so remember that when you read our respective posts. Though I agree with much of what he does post, I often dont read it until the rest of you do, so it was pugs’ complaint. not my own.
Everybody has a lot to say about us taking constructive criticism and what not, and taking the good with the bad. I havent responded to anyones flames for weeks now. But I have to say, reading things like “Fat and skinny went up to bed, oh wait, you’re both fat so who sleeps on the couch” really hurts. Yeah, I am fat. But I am busting my ass on this program and have had some incredible results. I understand that no matter where you go you will get criticism. I also understand that I take a risk when posting on this site. Also, I do recognize that this is a “hard core bb site”. However, I am a real person on the other end of your computer. I read your very harsh insults and they DO hurt. I’m fat. In my past, I have eaten too much, obviously that is why I weigh what I do. If you want to tell me I’m fat, go ahead. But seriously, I am a young woman with more motivation than a lot of you could ever imagine. Fat fast is an incredibly hard program and I am sticking to it. And in Pugs’ defense, when he watches me read some of these posts and sees how much they hurt me, of course he is going to try to keep such things from being said. Some of what is said IS constructive criticism. Some of what is said is painfully true. But some of it is cruel and unneccesary. Just consider that I am a real person, and could be a great person that YOU know. And I am doing something proactive, so some of you can kind of tone down the fat bashing. Im fat. get over it. if it bothers you so much, just dont read this post. not difficult.

Man, Bets, that was definitely a post from the heart! As I said to Pugs in another post BIG UPS to you guys for your efforts, and public efforts at that. Keep focused on your goal, and don’t let other people’s attempted negativity towards you bring you down. You are in control, so try not to let it affect you.

I started the fat fast on Monday and I feel like I’ve been on it for years at this point. It’s good that you guys can do this together and for as long as you have. I don’t know if I can do this for a full 30 days or not.

Continue on your sucess Bets. I agree with mamann this is from the heart. I feel the same sometimes when people knock on me for my grammer etc. Well I am sorry I can’t cross my t’s and dot my i’s. But I would like to think that I give sound information and advise and I also speak from the heart. This is what I do for a living and I love what I do!

Also if you don’t already I do have cancer this forum has given me something to do before I get to go to work again. I will continue to give support and advise to those who need it. And to to the people that think they are better then the rest of us go screw yourself. Keep at it Bets, I know you will succeed.

Didn’t know about the cancer, fitone. Keep positive, take care of yourself (you must already, or you wouldn’t be here) and you’ll ride out this wave. Hang in there, man.

I say fuck the haters and keep on doing what you r doin:)

Bets, how’s it going so far? I mean, what are your stats. 20+ days!! That’s great! Keep it up! Croooz