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Betrayal: The Autoimmune Solution They're Not Telling You

Thamk Gawd that someone is doing it right.
betrayal.mykajabi .com/p/episode-1-of-betrayal?inf_contact_key=c87066e6d1505245630793bf10d6f7774644417da1bff01a0be8d4cbb9331998




The only trap here is the for profit “healthcare” system in the U.S.


Another non-response.

Stay woke and Namaste as hard as you can.


Look if you want to defend a healthcare system that costs twice as much as anyone else in the world with pitiful outcomes be my guest. But the adult thing to do is admit that you are wrong and follow the evidence. As if showing a picture of David Wolfe is an indictment of the power of natural healing vs. the approach of Big Pharma. Where profits come before all else. I bet the officers of the pharmaceutical industries are very proud of themselves while they make money off the backs of the public who suffer from diseases. Wow, how honorable. A system to be proud of. It is so envied that the overwhelming majority of other countries go for some form of universal coverage with better outcomes and less cost.


That’s how David Wolfe and all of these homeopathic certified “docs” do it, only their shit doesn’t actually cure people.


When you slam all 7 of her chakras and tell her you’ll call her, but you don’t use a cell phone because of the waves :raised_hands:


[quote=“Zeppelin795, post:8, topic:230595”]if you want to defend a healthcare system that costs twice as much as anyone else in the world[/quote]I could buy my shoes at the Dollar Store, too, if I didn’t care if they sucked.


Lol, get the fuck out.

From your link. Good thing they aren’t making profits eh?

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More immaturity. And the sad thing is you’re allowed to vote.

And what is the record for Big Pharma?

And they let you vote.

And what are the results from this “healthcare”?

Here, try some of these. They will make you see through time and live forever with unlimited joy.

I have the best available to me at any time. Sucks to be me !