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Beto O Rourke Campaign Workers Missapropriating Campaign Funds for Migrants


No, I don’t have to try.



Sorry man. I was trying to respond to just you, but well, I guess its my fault for feeding the troll.


@alphagunner you two are entertainment enough! I just need more to get me to 5 o clock


LMFAO, luckily im off at 1630 here.

But I’m done arguing with a toddler for now. Maybe next week.


good night brother. Have a great weekend. supposed to be cold and sunny here in TX.


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my favorites…in spite of all the pain and suffering they have caused me!


There are videos of MO, FL, AZ candidates on that same site. Perhaps a couple of others.

Over and over, the tapes say the candidates must hide, misrepresent or outright lie regarding position - in order to try and deceive swing voters.


YouTube is shadow banning their channel. I wonder if dem campaigns will screen for Veritas imposters next cycle. They’re very brave given how Democrats like to park bench and back alley turncoats.


I bet you get your tin foil at Costco like I do :wink:


Just Occam’s Razor man. You kill yourself and drag yourself into a park the day before you’re scheduled to testify against the Clintons… there are no coincidences.

Shadow banning is a real and proven thing on YT. All social media companies changed their algorithms to suppress opposing speach to avoid a repeat of 2016.

That’s not the point of this thread however, and I look way better in tinfoil than you! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

The point is Senate campaign staff (and possible 2020 prez candidate) got caught red handed on camera saying they lie to the FEC about campaign funds… 4 days before election day. That’s pretty big.


I’m from Texas. No one can name one legislative win that Cruz has passed to benefit the people of Texas .
He is a spineless poor excuse of a man. Trump trashed his wife calling her ugly, accused his dad of having a hand in the JFK murder. Cruz sold them out to kiss trumps ass just to get his endorsement. His head is so far up trumps ass that if he coughs you see cruz’s face. If he will sell out his own family, what will he do to the people of Texas?
He uses the slogan "Cruz, tough as Texas ", lmfao!
Don’t be surprised if people vote for a real Texan on Tuesday, most people I know already have.


Yeah marrying into wealth and then pretending to care about the working man is real Alamo stuff. He’s lefty Kushner at best. And his people are committing federal crimes under his watch.


There is a lot of editing in that video. If it is true and authentic I trust that Beto will dismiss these people. Cruz and his buddy trump would probably give them a medal.


Gtfo with the “editing” nonsense. They post unedited 10 hour videos with all the raw footage for the skeptics.

The workers said they know what they’re doing has a $50K fine per offense right in the video.


As always basement, we will have to agee to disagree. If you’re from Texas , good luck Tuesday.