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Beto O Rourke Campaign Workers Missapropriating Campaign Funds for Migrants

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Not surprised

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“Beto” lol

Man, these kids are stupid. They don’t seem to understand that discussing and planning to construct and execute a fraud using a layer of plausible deniability is not just fraud, but conspiracy to commit fraud.

Even worse, campaign finance violations are a federal crime. Dinesh D’Sousa did time for giving too much to a campaign. This calls into question how those many millions Beto pulled in are being spent. They better hope to hell they kept receipts and lists of attendees at meals. Beto better hope the “I didn’t know this was just some rogue employees” Louis Lerner excuse holds up or he’s toast.

I wonder if other Dem campaigns are in panic mode wondering what other videos exist. Are other campaigns using funds to help illegals?

Did you see them lying on the ground with stuffed animals… at work? They couldn’t have represented the stereotype of snowflake millenials more if they tried. That whole line about no borders… “imagine there’s no countries, it isn’t hard to do…”.


If this guy were to win by some chance, then we would lose Ted Cruz. While many folks (outside of Texas) dont like Ted, he is one of the smartest guys in congress and such a better person to represent Texas.

Beto is mexican slang for Robert. He was raised in El Paso

Yea I know, im laughing at the fact that hes a straight up white dude, last name O’Rourke, but he goes by Beto… LOL Ok buddy.

And somehow Cruz is considered American. And lol at him being called Ted.

It is not Mexican slang it is a Spanish nickname.

You campaning for O’Rourke? Or are you just inserting yourself into another conversation, attempting to troll?

You are legitimately bad at it!

Your responses always remind me of a child…

You just contradict whatever someone stated or, say something for shock value…

LOL so lame… I cant imagine what your life is like.

So it’s ok for you to make fun of a guy’s name because he isn’t actually Latino but I can’t make fun of Cruz for actually being a Canadian whose real name isn’t Ted but Rafael. Thanks for clearing that up.

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No, you are free to do whatever you want. LMAO

I am just pointing out how terrible of a troll you are. You are constantly stating contradictory or childish remarks to people, and I am calling you out.

Feel free to say and do whatever you want kid.

The nickname would be Berto from Roberto. Slang is usually a derivative of something so, the slang version is Beto.

Oh, and loling at Beto is the epitome of maturity. And you’re calling me out? It’s the internet, there is no out.

I didn’t claim to be mature.

I just said you act like a child.

I didn’t say I didn’t.

Oh i’m sure you’ll end up in America at some point. Substituting classes, and then back to Italy.

I am always SO fascinated how you know so much about racial diversity in the US, because you substitute here and all.


LOLOLOLOLOL Do you TRY and sound like a 3 year old?

This is how you all are going to make me spend my last few minutes at work on a Friday afternoon? C’mon…lets pick the pace shall we?

It’s amazing that you care to remember so much about me when I never bothered to remember anything about you. You just don’t make an impression of any sort. I guess you could say I find you the opposite of fascinating.

And for your records, I am in America and I’m not a substitute.