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Beth's Buns


I decided to start a log to keep myself accountable with my training. Going through nursing school, working fulltime, and being a single mom makes it difficult to keep a training routine and achieve consistent progress.
,Goals: Cut 10lb of fat, maximize conditioning and agility, and maintain strength. i.e lean mean fighting machine.
Well here's todays Workout.

6am: 10 sets of 50yd sprints.
50 pullups (10x5)

0830: Gym - 100 pushups (5x20)
sumo deadlift: 3x20 at 155lb
hypers: 5x35
dips: 4x12
neck bridges on med ball: 3x8


Looks solid TB .... Curious to see what he rest of the week looks like

......and WTF with the neck bridges? Trying to get that varsity wrestling letter? Lol


Haha why do I always feel like I'm the only one who trains neck? I used to do 3 sets of 50 yes/no's and 5 sets of 15 neck bridges. Probably a leftover from when I used to train in MMA.


Lol ... That's cool, just messing

To be honest I always mean to squeeze it in, but it tends to get cut when time becomes an issue

......same thing with abs ..... And calves :slightly_smiling:



6am, ouch.

Lot's of volume on the exercises, Beth.

Do you time your sets on the sprints?


Also, with the title of this training log, you WILL have to post a bun pic.

Preferably yours.


I was expecting this to be a tribute page set up by Edgy


Yeah, you're right. Wonder if I should tweak that to more efficiently meet my goals. I don't time the sprints, I count 2 telephone poles and do another set of sprints. Walk to warm up, walk between sprints, and walk to cool down. 2 miles total.

If I can figure out how to do a butt selfie I'll put one up. The log name is actually what I'm going to name my future cafe .... Since I like to bake so much


Oh crap, I never do calves. Why do people do calves?


You go girl! I think I will check in here more often. The gals seem to be more motivated with less of a tude.


I never do calves


Me either, obviously

But I feel like I make up for it by wearing high heels on the weekends .....



And NOW you have my attention.


In the worst way possible, lol


Today 8-20
0630: Pullups - 10x5 (50)
1030 @gym:
Pushups@20R - 5sets
Squats: 4sets of 145x5, 4sets of 105x10
Dumbell rows 3x12 with 55lb (each side)
rear delt flyes- 3x12 with 15lb dumbells
For abs - rollouts 3x12. barbell land mines 3x20 with added weight.
plyobox jumps 3x12
HIIT - 20 min (10 of sprint intervals on bike/10 rebounding)


Not necessarily :wink:


Your daughter is adorable!


X 2 ... Great pic of you both

So, I see pull-ups and push-ups everyday (?) .... Where is the neck work?

Everyone knows that's the most important body part !


Thanks guys!

Mr Elvis - Currently I'm on a sabbatical from blow jobs and MMA. When either one of those re-enters the picture, I'll be sure to pick up the pace on my neck work.


The former can pop up when you least expect it (pun, pun, pun) ..... You can never be too prepared

Atrophy is the enemy!