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Betaine HCL Test


After a month+ of horrendous gas, shits, and other problems I looked around and ran into betaine HCL and decided to run a HCL test.

I am following Charles Poliquin's guideline and using his supplement Digest Force. I am on my second day of my Betaine HCL test, starting at 200mg and now up to 1000mg (5 pills). I believe I still haven't got that burn feeling in my stomach yet.

Is this burn pretty noticeable or?

Also, after the first dosage of 200mg is it fine to take it half way through a shake and some solid foods? For example my nighttime shake last night I took 600mg HCL halfway through my 50g protein shake also with handful of almonds. Then this morning my shake was - 50g pro, 1 cup oats, half a banana and the other half banana I ate solid with NPB. Or did I screw myself a little and the HCL should only be taken with ALL solid foods? I'd figure I would still experience the burn regardless of all solid food or not.


I'm not convinced that Poliquin's protocol is necessary.

I take Betaine HCL as well, 2 at a meal 3x a day.

Edit: It's a pretty common protocol that predates Poliquin. I'm still not convinced that it's the best way to determine how many tabs you need.


It should be a pretty noticable burn when it happens. You shouldnt have to question it but it should feel like drinking straight battery acid.

Its pretty common for people to get to 7 pills. If everyone got to 7 pills I would call the test bullshit and say he found a cute way to show us we all need a supplement. But thats not the case. Some people get it in 1, other 3-4.

I never got the burn. I would have to assume that along his line of thinking and research all of the alcohol, fast food, shit diet, soda etc I depleted levels, mabye just a bit. I have had a history of stomach problems. Since taking his HCL though I have noticed better digestion, sleep and gains. If its bullshit I like it.


Betaine HCL is great stuff. I only went as high as 2 tabs (which is actually 1300mg of the brand I was using) and it worked great. First time I tried it I did not change diet and gained 2kgs (4-5lbs) over 2 weeks. I dont use it much now but occassionally will buy a bottle and use a tab per meal if I notice the symptoms you've mentioned. I think this stuff also helps if youve eaten some dodgy food and want some added protection against bad bacterias.


Betaine HCL is for protein meals only. Protein shakes are easily digested and would not require HCL. Almonds wouldnt be considered a protein meal. Take with all solid protein meals (chicken, beef, fish).


Ok thanks. So I usually have shake in the morning, solid PWO meal, another solid meal or two of eggs or beef, then a shake before bed. So I'll only be taking betaine hcl for 2-3 meals a day. Would you say it is a good idea to take a protease enzyme with my shakes just to help digestion and prevent gas?

Tomorrow I'll only take HCL with solid meals and try 6 pills of 200mg. Even if I had a shake and took HCL with it would I still feel a burn from it?


Stop popping down pills and seek professional advice.


Also, have you looked into taking digestive enzymes instead of/in addition to Betaine HCL? Your Betaine most likely also includes pepsin, but perhaps your not digesting other nutrients properly as well.


The Betaine HCL I am taking has pepsin, protease, lipase, and amylase enzymes. I also have a couple bottles of protease enzymes I take with my shakes or whatever.

Should I always want pepsin with my betaine HCL products? What role does pepsin play in digestion?