Beta Sitosterol?

I was wondering if anyone here knows anything about beta-sitosterol. A couple studies have shown it to be useful as a treatment for hair loss, but seeing as i just turned 20 in november, i’m hesitant to try anything that would effect my hormone levels for fear that I may see permanent side effects. Since it is supposed to have an effect on DHT levels, i’m wondering if it’s safe to try. Possible side effects from drugs (like finasteride) which have a similar effect have always driven me away.

However, the main thing that is encouraging to me about b-sitosterol is it’s naturally found in fairly high amounts in food. For example, according to nutritiondata, 1 serving of avocado has over 90mg.

Basically I’d like to know that if i take 300-600mg of this shit a day for the next couple months if I have any chance of growing tits or going crazy? And if so, would these side effects be reversible?