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Beta Blockers and Gains

I’ve been on Propranolol (generic for inderal la) for about close to 4 months and man i dont know if its me or its all my head but i havent seen any results. i’m one of those “slackers” who will kinda just go thru the motions but then step it up when i get really motivated when i dont see the results.

And i haven’t been seeing any results with the same old lifting. so i changed my workouts to morning and nothing. my body, in the past, has been really good with showing results but nothing now. has anyone had similar results while on beta blockers?

(RN Here) I’ve heard a bunch of things about Beta-Blockers hindering exercise, particularly cardio stuff because it prevents the heart from beating at what it would normally beat.

When you say results I’m assuming you mean strength and weight gain?

Yes. It gets pretty frustrating when I’ve been doing the workouts and not seeing the results. My strength seems to be coming along but the physical look is really dragging, if not non-existent.

And I do feel a bit light-headed and find myself taking deeper breathes when training on short periods between sets.
I have to take a little bit longer to go on to the next set or exercise.

And I didnt mention it but my diet is a whole lot cleaner than before starting the beta blockers. more fruits and vegetables and smaller portions during meal times.