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Ive been reading up on Beta-Alanine lately, and it seems like a pretty promising supplement. Has anybody on here given it a go? And if so, how do you feel it worked for you?


Calling MR. Barr Mr David Barr your wanted in the supp and nut forum. Betaalinine question.

I did a short stint few months and was liking the benefit but sadly had to halt and couldnt get compounding reference over time. It didnt boost total strenght so much but did seem to really help with endurnace, fight off the lactic acid build up longer I could get a few more reps etc.

Dave has studied a LOT on this hopefully he chimes in if not I say PM him or hit up his locker room.

Hope that helps,


You didn't happen to get the idea from the "Beta-Max" article in FLEX last month did you? I didn't buy a word it said just like every other article in there.


Are you sure you got good Beta.... Easy to tell. When taken it will withing minutes make you icth and tingle everywhere for a few minutes.

Now its not like a dramatic increase over night but did help Id take it again.


Check out Carnosine for very good muscle tissue injury regeneration.


Check out the interview of Dr. Stout on the Performance Nutrition Show (www.pnshow.com). I just listened to it and he pretty much gives the latest science on beta-alanine. Funny...the host of show (Jose Antonio PhD) wrote a book with Dr Stout (forget the name)...and his co-host Carla Sanchez is pretty pleasing to the eye.


Supplementing Beta-alanine is far superior and cheaper than supplementing carnosine for increase carnosine in the muscle


The supplement industry is really spinning it`s wheels without the ability to create new types of prohormones. It seems like we are seeing all the old supps from the sixties and seventies come back with minor modifications and spouting about all these new found benefits, that have all really never left the building in the first place, they just got swept under the rug because there were better options available, until now. So, now we wait, until someone can get growth hormone into an easier delivery system, or until someone can perfect controlling myostatin, to unleash unlimited muscle building potential.


as per that webcast http://www.performancenutritionshow.com/Shows/PNSHOW062806.mp3

Biotest will be releasing a Beta-Alanine product that is time released with a max dosage of 6g per day.


You said it , I felt the same way when I heard about yohimbine. Whats next the amazing vandyl sulfate !


I'm three weeks in now in loading beta-alanine at 6g a day. I definitely notice less post-workout soreness.


I need this time-released beta-alanine! I have taken some of the other ones on the market and they friggin' make me itch like a naked chick stuck in poison ivy...
When can I get the time-released stuff!!??


The stuff works...but it makes me friggin' itch! I think if you lower the dose (and take it 2-3 times over the day) it'll get rid of the itches...


that will just make u itch/tingle all day...assuming you're taking effective doses. 2 grams will max your itching (neuron stimulation) because u only have so many neurons. ie. 2 grams or 6 grams at same time=same itching/tingling.


does the beta alanine powder have a flavor?


i had a dream last night where Biotest's beta-alanine came out (it was the anaconda), and it came in a blue bottle like the BCAA one but much larger. the thing is, each bottle sold for 4 dollars, but contained only three huge tablets. Each tablet was 3 inches long, more than one inch wide. Each one contained 6 grams of time-released beta-alanine.

it was meant to be one for each workout day, assuming you workout three times a week, which makes it 4 dollars a week, 16 dollars a month. and in the dream i decided to break them in half and have 3 grams a day like the study from Dr Stout's interview which said they took 3.2 grams a day for 10 weeks.

so there were these huge bottles with only three large pills inside, and the rest of the bottle was completely empty.

i dunno what this means, but here's hoping Biotest's beta-alanine is as cheap as creatine or something because it's supposed to be a cheap supplement i think. the non-time released one is pretty cheap.




is beta alanine stable in water


Yes. In food as well.


I realize there is a difference between beta alanine and l-alanine. What makes them different?