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Beta Alanine...Worth the Cost?


I got a bottle from Biotest. I would like to hear from those of you that have tried it. Does it really work as good as they say? Is it worth it?


Yes, been using it for about two years now. After the initial loading phase 2 tabs x 3 times per day (which isn’t bad at all) it’s a small investment at a maintenance dose of 2 tabs twice per day five days per week for me. Keeps my endurance levels up whether hitting the iron or hitting the mountains for some hiking. You should notice a positive difference in your muscular endurance. Keep us posted.



Yes it works. I didn’t think the old price was worth it, though I think they dropped the price. Haven’t used it in a while though


I can curls 135 while taking it and about 120 while not taking it. Guess it works.


Beta is good stuff I have been taking NOW beta for about 3 months now and it does improve endurance.Plus if you get the powder you will feel tingly when you take it which you will start to enjoy, atleast I like it.