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Beta Alanine Feedback?

I have suffered from DOMS for years and have got to say that this Beta Alanine is the real deal. I can’t believe how fast it went to work and how it allows me to workout harder in every aspect.
Just wondering if alot of guys or gals in here have used it?

Taken 30 minutes prior to workout you get that tingly “niacin type” rush…but not as bad.
I’m most likely behind the times here, but glad I sprung for the $15.00 it costs for a bottle.
Check the research out in your spare time and anybody else whose tried it let me know your thoughts.

I use it with the AAKG. It’s nice to recover and wake up relatively pain free.

I’ve used it, BETA-7, since Biotest released it. I feel it’s worked wonders in both my weight training endurance and when I’m hiking in the mountains in regard to endurance.