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Beta Alanine Experiences


What are people's experiences with it? I have tried it before and it made my nuts unbearably tingly, but I didn't notice a benefit. I ask now because I have introduced sprinting/conditioning into my training (follow your basic WS4SB template) and noticed some serious DOMs. Thanks for your input.


I would say that the tingling testicles (sounds like a band..) was a coincidence.. or maybe your body REALLY liked the amino.. :wink:

I have NOT used it yet - but will be sure to start as soon as i re-up my supp stock.

You should read the articles on it - they are interesting.


Really, the only effect I noticed from Beta Alanine was less nausia from intense workouts.


I have used it before, but I wasn't doing higher rep ranges where a burn can happen or running/sprinting/drilling. But fuck when it makes your skin tingle, especially your nuts, it is not a whole lot of fun.


I've found it makes a tremendous difference in conditioning stuff. High rep bodyweight exercises, hill sprints, tabata front squat, that kind of stuff.

I love it.




nut tingling is not a side effect i have heard of before. i have 500g of it in powder form, but i will probably wait until winter break from college before i use it since i flush very easily. i will probably make my first foray into creatine at that time too since they are supposed to feed off of each other for greater benefit.


have used creative labs purple wraath during workouts, has essential and bcaas and some beta alanine. I have noticed much better energy/endurance during the workouts. play with the dosage to see about the tingly feeling.
I mix it with Surge workout fuel and glutamine and sip during workout. when I drank it all at once before the workout, I would get a similar niacin flush kind of effect.