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Beta Alanine Experience


Is it just me or is this stuff shit-hot?

I've tried it prior to my last 2 workouts. I may have been worried when my face started tingling but fortunately I read in advance this is a common side effect. I must admit I felt more energetic, especially given I'm training using short RIs and supersets.

Big fan so far. Hope the effects last because the product actually advises using like creatine, i.e. loading and maintenance phases and not as a pre-WO supplement - which I'm using it exclusively for.
What's the general verdict on beta?


Been using it for around 3 months. Definately noticeable effect in the gym, feeling strong enough to push out an extra rep or two every other exercise; I've also noticed at my Thai Boxing training, I still get tired, but the intensity during rounds of padwork etc doesn't seem to slow down as much as others around me as the round goes on. It could all be a placebo, but i'm enjoying the effects either way.


I've been using it about a month now, but I haven't taken a break off it. I know on the MP site it says to take a break after 8 weeks, but I don't think I will.

I've noticed a lot more endurance in workouts, but I didn't get the face tingling side effects.

I think overall it's a good product, I should have started using it earlier.



I love Beta-Alanine. I use it exclusively pre-workout. Great effect on power, strength-endurance, intensity-tolerance and managing fatigue. I have found no need to load or maintenance doses on non-workout days. Most people have found and the latest research indicates that you do not need to load creatine. The advice to load creatine seems like a way to sell more creatine.

I intially did front loading and maintenance of beta-alanine and have found no difference between that protocol and just taking 1-2 grams of beta-alanine 30-45 minutes before my workout, as I do now. Beta alanine has definitely allowed me to get a lot more sets/reps/volume in my 1 hour workouts. The recovery between sets/exercises is amazing. Full disclosure - I am using creatine also. I have used creatine and beta alanine separately and together.

I really feel there is a synergistic effect using the two together that exceeds each one individually. AND creatine and beta alanine are great all by themselves. Note beta alanine does not give a stimulant effect. It is not like caffeine.


Those that take it preworkout, how much do you take?


I've taken Beta in the past, but was not a huge fan. I actually stopped using it because the reccomended dosages were really inconvenient (1/2 tsp every 2 hours throughout the day) With the talks about it's added effectivness when used alongside creatine, has almost motivated me to finish my current bottle. For those who use it preworkout, how much do you take? Thank you.


I checked around for pricing recently.
It seems it is more cost effective to get it in powder form.

For those of you who have used, can you Tell a difference between the powder and the capsules?
I'm interested in getting some of this.


This is precisely why I now use Beta-7.

The time released tablets make it far easier to use.


I use powder without any problems. I usually just put it in my shake or stir it into my green tea/coffee and it dissolves pretty quickly without a noticeable taste - (sometimes you get the pins and needles on your lips if its an espresso your drinking; i assume because of the higher concentration)

The only issue was having to weigh it out originally but after doing that two or three times I could do it by eye.


Beta-7 isn't really that expensive once you are on maintance dose.


i find the effects to build up over time. and i think my sweet spot is around 6 grams/day split into 3, 2 gram doses. one in the morning, one about an hour before work out, and the last during my work out.


I consumed a ProSlam protein vial today because I was out and about so popped into the health store for a quick protein pulse injection. This supplement is made with 27g protein from hydrolysed whey and hydrolysed casein. It also contains 1.5g of beta alanine. I would estimate that within 10 mins I experienced the tingling sensation all over my body. In contrast, 5 hours later I took three 750mg beta alanine tabs 45 mins before my training session and didn't experience the same tingle.

I'm only guessing but perhaps a faster mode of delivery, e.g. in powder/liquid form, is more optimum? Still love it for workouts. Almost a wonder supplement in my opinion. ProSlam is awesome in that regard but at 3.29 (UK pounds) per vial it is damn expensive so I'll stick to the tablet form. I will probably buy the powder version when the tabs are finished and add 3-5g to my Workout Fuel for the ultimate pre-workout cocktail.


I use the powder form (Cheaper)at around 2 grams 30 minutes pre-workout.


I've never tried it straight, but I have used Beta Alanine in two products. One of them I don't remember the name of, and it didn't make any difference that I could tell. The other one was Twinlab's Nitro-fuel, that has it, and I noticed the tingling, but also seemed a little stronger and able to go a little longer in my workouts.



I use powder version, I just cap it myself to make it easier to manage the dosage timing.
The tingling is a result of a niacin flush to my understanding. That's why Biotest's time released doesn't cause the feeling so much, it doesn't hit you all at once preventing a big flush.

I'd wager your stomach was more empty when you had the vial versus preworkout. If I have something in my stomach I don't feel the flush much, but if I'm not thinking and pop a couple caps of beta without anything in my stomach, I become so itchy it's painful.


You are correct - that was around 3 hours since food. The rationale was to try and create a protein spike by consuming the fast-acting protein between meals. I tried the same tactic two days later and for some reason I was sweating buckets within 5 mins and itchy/tingly all over. The ProSlam is quite a supplement, although it also contains taurine which seems a bit of a red herring these days.


I'm a little confused at all this: several articles as well as the product ad on this site say that Beta Alanine has to be taken several times each day to have any effect, yet some of you notice a difference taking it only pre-workout? If it's in Surge Workout Fuel it must also work when only taken once a day, otherwise it wouldn't be there. Is several times a day better? Should I take Beta Alanine as well as SWF? Etcetera...


the tingle is a funny feeling, but ive noticed a great difference in the gym with my muscles being able to take more and more without "burning out".