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Beta-Alanine/Creatine Pyruvate Useful?

Hi to all. I got a quick question. Is it useful to take beta-alanine only on training days or so. I’ve read that results come if used minimum 7g daily.

Has any one used creatine pyruvate? I’d like to hear your experience with it.


I’m pretty positive that Beta-alanine needs to be taken daily to have an effect.

Not to hijack but what benifit does creatine pyruvate provide over normal creatine? I tried a search but all that came up was people arguing wether Surge Workout Fuel would be released or not.

Well I got information that it’s 5x better than monohydrate, needn’t tank up, does not raise cellular water level, burns fat, raises lean muscle mass, beneficial in interval training by increases oxygen uptake, increases strenght and stamina. Also lowers lactic acid build up.

This is interesting DIA. Take a look.


Has anyone tries Carnosine? Any real world strenght boosting effect? Comments please.