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Beta Alanine and Surge Workout Fuel

I’ve been reading a lot of posts about Beta Alanine and have seen too many threads of people that claim it doesn’t work. On the other hand we have testamonies of tons of people using Surge Workout Fuel and praising it. Yes I know Surge Workout Fuel is more than just BA, but it is an ingrediant in the MAG-10(correct?).

I personally am using Surge Workout Fuel and I think it’s great. It does what it claims.

However it bothers me that some don’t think the beta alanine does anything, despite the fact that it seems like a major component of Surge Workout Fuel. How could people praise one product and talk down another when they share similar ingrediants?

I don’t know what you’ve read about Beta alanine, but it does wonders for my work capacity.

I just read mostly comments like “It sucks”, “it doesn’t do anything”, “I don’t feel an effect”. Most of the crap I read on the net were probably baseless criticism from people who are 150 lbs soaking wet thinking it’s the next steroid or No Explode! supplement.

I know when I take Workout Fuel and drop my caloric intake for fat loss, my strength/energy levels are still there, so I guess that’s all that matters.