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Beta-7 with Anaconda/SWF Overkill?


hey guys,

I'm planning to put in my next order soon and had planned on trying beta-7. I've been looking at the lables and now realize that Anaconda and SWF both contain beta-alanine. My planned peri-worout is going to be either; 1 Finibar and peri-workout (1 Anaconda, 1 MAG-10, 1 SWF) OR just peri workout (1 Anaconda, 1 MAG-10, 2 SWF). Obvously the numbers represent each scoop.

My question is, with either of those set-ups will taking Beta-7 be overkill? I had planned on only 1 capsule 3x a day.

Also; I'll be taking that protocol 4x a week (Mon,Tues,Thurs,Fri).

Any advice appreciated.


You are likely getting enough, but call customer service if you want to check, they are likely to have the most knowledge as we can only guess at the actual amounts. As for your off days, you could potentially use it there.


the beta alanine is the sole reason i haven’t tried swf and one of two reasons i haven’t tried Anaconda (price being the other). my hair started falling out at an alarming rate the last time i was on beta alanine. i would be very interested in swf if they came out with a beta alanine free version.


when i added extra beta alanine to SWF i noticed my would have about a hundred little bumps spread all over

they went away in a couple hours but im thinking that was a sign of over kill…


Yeah I thought maybe taking the Beta-7 just on days where i won’t be using my peri-workout might work. i’ll try the customer service idea.

As for negative side effects I have used Btea-alanine before from a different supplier and only on training days; never loaded it daily like they advise with beta-7. When I used it I had no side-effects except the common tingly feeling; which to be honest I kind of liked.