BETA-7 and Skin

perhaps the Biotest experts can answer this: is there any benefit to BETA-7 as an anti-wrinkle supplement?

I keep hearing the benefits of beta-alanine and carnosine as antiglycation, anti-aging supplements. would this translate to better skin? any thoughts and hypotheses are more than welcome.

there is always the possibility that this may be so. any product that seemingly improves the body’s mechanisms (as this does by its buffering action) usually has positive benefits, how much so is an open question.

things that improve the skin are the same things that maximize your gains: lean meat and animal protein, balance of fats, fruits and veggies - the whole color spectrum of each, fish oil, perhaps creatine, borage oil works for some.

it also would stack well with REZ-V for this goal and perhaps TRIBEX if you are male.

disclaimer: i am not a Biotest expert, i don’t even play one on TV

yeah, i’ve found that Flameout and REZ-V seem to improve my skin’s look. i was just curious if BETA-7 would give even more visible anti-aging benefits.

it sucks getting older :frowning: