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Bet You Do It Too


i was wondering(and i bet yall have done this)you're just so busy with other things in your life you dont really notice your training progress,then you catch a glimpse in the mirror.....and just go "DAMN", as you proceed to examine this body that attached itself to your head.ive done this a lot lately and wanted to know, who else is guilty?


I've been doing that a lot as of late, mostly just admiring my traps that are growing quite a bit. Now, if only I could get my arms to do the same thing...


Nope, 'cos I admire my handsome ass in the mirror every morning.


yea, after i do squats my abs seem more defined.

and i had been overhead pressing a lot lately I didn't notice till recently how much bigger my shoulders & upper chest have gotten


I'm normally pretty oblivious. It takes something like my wife commenting on the size of my thigh or my upper arm to make me realize that there's progress. But yeah, then I take a look and enjoy the view.


I think this is the biggest reason I don't see progress, because I also check myself out all the time.

I realy noticed though, when I took some more picures and compared them to the others I took. I usually take progress pictures every month or so.

My wife usually notices before me.


i used to do that and was unhappy because i never "saw" changes,but obviously we're both conceited,hehe

also,am i the only one that checks out his own ass?i get compliments about it every now and then so i take a gander at that too


im always like looking in the mirror everynight so i cant reeally tell if i look bigger. sometimes if i look at myself alot i feel like i look smaller


Absolutely - it's always neat to see my family/friends after 4 months away at school and get feedback.

It's also interesting to try and get into your piece de resistance black strapless dress for a fomal event to realize that it's now loose around your midsection, and won't zip up because of your lats...!


Upper chest eh? I didn't think the upper chest would be so involved in straight overhead pressing....Interesting.


That happened to me a squats the other day. When I was doing my squats my legs swelled and were rippin' out of my shorts. when I tried to pull them up so they wouldn't fit over my thigh. When this hapened I looked at my quads and hams and was really suprised! Whose wheels were these? Ohh yeah they are mine! Time to get some new workout clothes I guess.


Hit it Carley Simon...

"...You're so vain,
I bet you think this thread is about you
Don't you?
Don't you?
Don't you?...."

Only kidding guys...I just couldn't help myself.


i have been undereating a little recently, due to working too much/bad planning

and suddenly a decent set of abs have shown up...nice suprise


I'd rather wait for the ex to tell me.



Now you know. The clavicular head of the pecs is used in overhead pressing.


I wore a tank top for the first time in about a year and a half yesterday. I have been kind of upset, because I gained around 30 lbs in the last year, but I didn't think it was visible (I'm 6'5", btw). It was shocking how different I looked in a tank top compared to last year. Shocking.


somewhere in the bible the lord said, "enjoy the fruits of your labor". I forget were it's at...



I'm the same way. I don't walk around thinking, "damn, I'm big". I don't even think about it for the most part until someone else makes a comment or I'm looking for a shirt in my size. To this day, even though I hear it fairly often, I am still caught off guard by some of the comments made.


Yeah, Prof, I know what you mean. I'm with you!

Well, not really. I just wanted to show you some support from the little people. Because we care.


Like just this morning at the gym, a friend who hasn't been around lately called me "massive" and singled out my quads as the most impressive among the group of regulars; this prompted someone else to say (of me) "toughest Network Administrator I know."

Of course, the humor of it is that they may think I have a standout feature or two, but I keep T-Nation in mind and think of myself as still small and average. 5'8" at 180 just makes me wonder when I'm going to start eating like I should.