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Best Zercher Squat Progression Methods?

Hi i was wondering what you could recommend on a training block for the lift as a main lift and if I could fit in with the guarantee size and strength program I finally just signed up to the form been following it closely for a awhile please and thanks

I just tried zercher full squat from pins (hands at sides for front squat transfer and hip width not shoulder width) 4 sec eccentric and 2 sec pause. If you get good at this yours will definitely go up.

Funny that’s the exact variation that I did this morning, but as a max effort lift

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Thank you for the suggestion i dont have pins or access to them but will try the variation just without pins

Thanks for replying along with progression add weight is there a certain rep schemes you recommend I do notice the higher the reps get my back will round same for front squat and is that necessarily a bad thing hope this makes sense not the best typer thanks again

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Your rhomboids are giving out isometrically before your quads give out concentrically. You need to strength your upper back via lower trap work and thibs zercher front raise and zercher good mornings.


Try incline supermans and zercher holds as well.

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Hey thanks for quick reply I got two more questions n im done if I may I follow upper lower split both lower days i do rdl would you suggest zercher gm both days or just one ive never done good morning before I heard its a tricky exercise should the volume and reps be high like 4x10 same with the front raises long question but last one on this thread thanks

Focus on the eccentric and sure high reps and its redundant to do rdls and good mornings

@Christian_Thibaudeau have you seen this? https://youtu.be/aNHB9Y2RKBQ

Not in-interesting, but you need a low 45 deg back extension to do it. Most 45 deg back extension benches are higher up which would make it pretty much impossible to pick the bar up with a Zercher grip

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I have the same problem. Which I found weird because my back is my best part and my quads are among my weakest. I set a huge PR for me in the front squat with the Conjugate program (+15%), I knew it was going to be hard/ugly going for the PR. The 2RM was pretty good but the 1RM damn I felt my back snap in 2. I have long legs and a slight lordosis, it is impossible for me not to lean forward when squatting. Hence why the front squat is my weakest squat…

These Zercher extensions look nice. I think I’ll try it because stacking plates zercher style is annoying