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Best Wrestling Physique?


Off-topic stupid question...but who do you think looks the best?

The Ultimate Warrior
Chris Masters
John Cena


LOL, ultimate warrior, man he tanked his career pretty quickly.

As far as best physique, if I could look like any of them, it'd be Cena. Well built, but not to the point that makes women go "ewww".

Masters has an awesome physique that says get outta my way, but it's too over the top IMO.


oh, and HHH has gotten fat, lol




i guess thats' because he take those "NO-explode" products, i also get fat by taking those products.

LASHLEY and Masters has big muscles, but not much muscle definition, i like Dave Batista more. at least his midsection have more definition.


dude masters has like the MOST definition of all of them lol?


I'm kind of puzzled by HHH's pecs, I mean they look like big round butt cheeks on his chest. I am not a wrestling fan at all, but I've seen pics of him. I thought maybe he had implants, but a friend of mine who is a fan says he has had the round pecs since before he was so big.


Ultimate Warrior, especially for his time.

I think everyone should post a pic of their favorite...unless you want a thread full of UW pictures. LOL


Here's a comparison to Hulk Hogan...




I dont really follow wrastlin'.. but goldberg and batista are pretty jacked


Alexander Karelin!! He's a monster.

Oh, you meant the OTHER kind of wrestler. My bad.


my idol, Dave Batista


Why is he your idol?


No one for Brock Lesnar? I would figure someone would try to make a 'functionality'-based claim.


Chris Benoit!


he is my idol because i like his body's look, and he's powerful, not those bodybuilders with a big gut.

even though i'm not going to look like him, but he is my idol.


Maybe not the best, but Psycho Sid belongs here as well.




Definitely Benoit