Best workout


I am trying to help my wife workout by herself and am looking for an app that includes substitute exercises for a suggested movement and also lets you program and follow a routine (ie you tell it how many days a week you want to exercise, what your goals are and it generates a program to follow- all of the apps I have seen so far can only give you a routine for a single session, not a proper program)

Any suggestions?

thanks in advance

You can try sifting through the workouts on this site, I know there are several different women’s workouts on here.

Also you can go to that bodybuilding website that you can select your goal (transformation, size, fatloss), and level (beginner, intermediate, advanced) and it will recommend programs. Then you would just have to look through and find one that meets your days/week criteria.

I don’t know of any lazy-man apps that do it for you though.