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Best Workout With Only a Squat Rack

Until I get going with a job this summer, I’m only going to be able to lift at home and not in a gym :frowning: Basically that means I only have a rack, bar, bench, free weights, and dumbells. Can anyone recommend a good program on this site that would only use that stuff? I’m not going to be able to do any machine exercises unfortunately

Lol is this a joke? a squat rack is ALL YOU NEED!

[quote]BoxBabaX wrote:
Lol is this a joke? a squat rack is ALL YOU NEED! [/quote]


Try “The Bear” by Coach Davies (listed in the Archives). It can be an entire workout, as it is used in his newer “Complex Training” programs.

It consists of complex movements such as power clean to front squat to push press to back squat to push press as one set…now, repeat for a few reps and a few more sets.

[quote]BoxBabaX wrote:
Lol is this a joke? a squat rack is ALL YOU NEED! [/quote]

No I wasn’t joking. Obviously I know all you need is a squat rack. If you look at many of the programs on here though you’ll find that while they rely heavily on free weights, there are still many times where you will need a machine. Thanks for the suggestion nate dogg.

Now’s your chance to get old-school. Look for Bill Starr’s routines, too. Simple and good.

Honestly in terms of exercise variations you are only limited by your imagination and you can still use free weights in a squat rack (Is it a cage or free “walk-away” type of rack?) Not only barbells, I’m sure.

Try using the search feature or posing this question to Alwyn, Christian, or Waterbury.

I’m sure they can help you out.

think of squats, how many different variations there is. You’ve got the traditional, overhead, front, hack, etc.

DEADLIFTS same thing


Cleans etc.

I wish a had a squat rack at home and some BB :slight_smile:

I don’t leave the squat rack for half of my workouts.