Best Workout While on AD?

What is the best workout on AD? I know any workout is a good workout, but anyone got some good suggestions? 5x10, full-body workout, 10x10, 5x5? I’m just starting out so I was going to 6 day, 1 off. Chest, Arms, Tri’s, Forearms, one exercise each every other day, 5x10, and Shoulders, Delts, Back, Traps, every other day, 5x10. This gives me a day of rest for each part, but still hitting 3 times a week so I can practice on the moves. What’s everyone else got?

I’ve got legs so I try to train them as well. There isn’t a best workout for the AD, after you are fat adapted it won’t matter much how you arrange the training.

I’m trying to lose weight. I just finished Waterbury’s 10x3 FFL, and am on CT’s Destroying Fat article now. 10x3 was great, and Destroying Fat is going good so far. I’m losing weight and gaining strength while on the AD.