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Best Workout - Warm-Ups? Cable/Machine Alternatives?

Excited to get started with the program.

A few questions:

[1] When trying to get the proper weight nailed down, should we exceed the rep recommendation if we use a weight too low and then just adjust on the next workout?

[2] How much intensity should be placed on the 2 warm-up sets? Seems that they should also be intense enough to push us a bit?

[3] Have dumbells, bench, etc but working out at home. May I please ask for recommended alternatives of the following:

  1. Leg Extension
  2. Machine Chest Press or Smith Machine ( Bench Press?)
  3. Rope Triceps Press-down
  4. Pec Deck or Cable Cross-over (Dumbell Fly’s?)
  5. Rope Pull-through
  6. Straight-Arm Pulldown or Rope Pullover
  7. Rope Face Pull
  8. Cable Curl
  9. Rope Hammer Curl}
  10. Neutral-Grip Seated Row
  11. Dips
  12. Supinated Close-Grip Lat Pulldown

(Sorry for so many :slight_smile: )

Thank you for any insights.

  1. Do not exceed the rep recommendation because the whole point of his programming is to keep cortisol low by eliminating excess waste volume. Its the final set that matters.

  2. I believe CT suggests a 7/10 RPE on warm up sets if im going by his previous “Best Damn” programs.

  3. If you buy a set of bands to go with your dumbbells and barbells you can basically do any cable/machine exercise necessary. For example:
    -banded pike leg extensions
    -banded tricep pushdowns
    -banded Pull throughs
    -banded chest flyes

If you undershoot the weight, yes, do more reps so that you reach a point close to failure, or to failure.

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While your spirit is in the right place and you understand the concept. Doing 2-3 more reps is not going to be an issue in that regard. Plus, if there is 2-3 reps left in the tank, the stimulus of that one set is just not strong enough by itself to stimulate growth and since you are not doing any other set, you’d be wasting the exercise.

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Yes, the best way to describe them is the way Dorian Yates used to do his “preparation sets”: you push them hard, but you don’t approach failure. I’d leave around 8 reps in the tank, which is how most people train normally anyway.

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  • Leg Extension: You can use bands, you can put a loaded barbell on your feet and do leg extensions (you need to keep your feet flexed) or do body weight leg extensions:
  • Machine Chest Press or Smith Machine ( Bench Press?): Yes, just do a bench press or a floor press.

  • Rope Triceps Press-down: Buy bands and do band triceps pressdown or do decline DB triceps extensions

  • Pec Deck or Cable Cross-over (Dumbell Fly’s?): Squeeze presses. https://youtu.be/-fXMo8RbLUM. if you have to do an iso hold, squeeze as hard as you can (inward) at the top

  • Rope Pull-through: Barbell hip thrust

  • Straight-Arm Pulldown or Rope Pullover: DB or bar pullover

  • Rope Face Pull: Chest supported DB row with elbows out

  • Cable Curl: Barbell curl

  • Rope Hammer Curl}: DB hammer curl

  • Neutral-Grip Seated Row: Chest supported row neutral grip (Seal row) https://youtu.be/KqbGIs16oAk*

Dips: Decline close-grip bench

  • Supinated Close-Grip Lat Pulldown: Supinated close-grip bent over row (ideally with EZ bar)
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Thank you for the detailed response. Really appreciate it.

Perfect. Thanks