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Best workout videos

Hey, what is evryones favourite workout videos to get motivated to grow.
I prefer the hard lifting style to the contest/posing style.
Yates vid is OK, but through reading how he trains I expected more intensity. And he doesn’t squat!
Also got Tom Platz’s england tour, expecting some serious damage to the squat rack, and instead it is all talking.
My only other vid is the 96 battle for the oylmpia, some good bits, some bad, e.g. Levrone eating tea and doing cardio.
Anyone have any favourites/suggestions.

i actually liked the yates video. leroy was hilarious…come on diesel lol. yates doenst squat anymore he says cause of his hips actually. in the early days he squatted. i would have like to see a front on view of his quads cause we never saw that. lee priests video is pretty good, but not reallyhardcore. nassers isnt good. kovacs blow…he calls himself a god. wheeler sucks. to the extreme by shawn ray is good. he steps back from the rack and squats 5 plates for 8. on one of the battle for the O levrone is benching 5 plates for reps too. that was cool

and on the new battle coleman flat and incline presses the 200s for 12 and 8 easy reps

I have flex’s it sux, shawn rays final countdown it ok, and Ronnie Colemans I liked it but again not very intense.

Pumping Iron. I bought it on video in 1982 for about 70 bucks when I was 16. I still watch it a few times a year.

The Platz England tour is some of the funniest shit Ive seen! Tom gets all emotional when he talks about his training.He also does leg-extensions(after meditating on the floor) with the most atrocious form Ive ever seen!
He would be thrown out of most gyms if he was an unknown!
Nontheless he`s a very motivational speaker.I just love the guy!

I’ve seen Ray’s Final countdown- it was okay.
Lee priests tape was also okay.

I gotta say though, that Skip La Cour’s Mass Machine video is by far the best I’ve ever seen. The guy lifts some massive F-ing weight, natural or not, and there’s not one ounce of fluff. No camera tricks, no nonsense. He goes through every bodypart, set after set. The guy does not say one word for the entire tape. Just pure intensity. No nutrition tips, no trips to sizzler, no talking. This guy walks the walk. His tape is split up by the bodypart, so I’ll watch that bodypart the day I do it to get psyched up. I highly recommend it.

The other guys like ray, tend to bullshit way to much. 10 minutes is spent at the sizzler, showing you that he dosen’t eat teriyaki on his diet. Big Shit. He does do some lifting, but it only take up around 10- 15 minutes on the tape. I’d personally go with La Cour.

I gotta agree with Brooklyn Mike. That La Cour video is great. I got it about a month ago and I’ve already watched it six times. heavy training, no bullshit. Sure, he uses a little body english to move some of those big numbers, but if you can’t get psyched up to lift heavy after watching Skip, you probably don’t have a pulse.
Pumping Iron’s good, but I wish they had more training in it.

I forgot about Pumping Iron! Yes, an awesome motivator. I have to agree with eag though, that there isn’t enough training in the movie. I hear that Arnold may put out more training in his new 3 part series.
I think the original Pumping iron for me was more motivating to see the cameraderie between everyone, and the shenanigans Arnold pulls throughout. I must have watched that movie a hundred times, I can recite it word for word. My favorite part has to be when he and louie are eating eggs, and he tells louie that a month from now would’ve been perfect, but then again, they’ll both get bigger anyway. He was such a dick, but you gotta love it!

Anyone seen Levrones “Full Blown” vid, or either of Craig Titus’s?

My favorite motivating video is by VIVID
entitled “vivid girls, totally taboo”, if you wanna fuck chicks like that you either have to have money or look fucking good; and I don’t have any money.

ihave seen both levrones and titus. levrones is just BAD. titus is also not worth watching

I’m biased because I’m a Weightlifter but any of the training hall videos or competition videos from Ironmind. If you want to see some of the best olympic style squatting of your life you have to see one of these videos. Crazy weights used in full squats, perfect form. Makes me feel inadequate, but anxious to train at the same time. Bodybuilding videos never really did it for me to be honest, but then I’m biased like I said.