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Best Workout Trax for My Ipod?

[quote]Padilla7921 wrote:
OctoberGirl wrote:
I just love gadgets and the thought of my iPod and my SHOE keeping track of things is so “Get Smart” it is very cool

Well, the Nike Sport thingy is going to implement technology for actual workouts, not just cardio (albeit, for only the ipod touch and iphone).[/quote]

Doesn’t it track your workouts and you can download Fitcast routines into your iPod?

I suppose I could Google, I was just wondering if anyone here has actually used them.

Imagine what they will have 5-years from now

The Nike+ got an “oooh” out of me when it first came out. But then I remembered that I’m slavishly devoted to my running shoe brand, which isn’t Nike. And then I further remembered that I really don’t need my feet to communicate with my iPod. I already know how far and how fast I run.

OP, iTunes has pre-made playlists you can download, pretty specifically geared to runners, I believe. I don’t use them myself, but maybe it’ll help you.

Also, if you search a song on iTunes it gives you a list of similar songs. An “if you like X you may like Y type of thing.” So toss in songs you like and see what else they offer you.

As for suggestions, off the top of my head I’d say download the Rolling Stones, “Sympathy for the Devil,” which has a good tempo for running, as well as being nicely thought-provoking (helps speed the workout along) and Plies, “Can We Fuck 1 Mo’ Time,” which is about a breakup, and the tender/poignant feelings that can arise at those times.

[quote]OctoberGirl wrote:
Doesn’t it track your workouts and you can download Fitcast routines into your iPod?[/quote]

Sorry that I’m not much help, I’ve never used Nike+ before. And anyway, I was under the impression that it only tracked distance and intensity and all that other running type stuff.