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Best Workout to Lean Out

With the holidays and new years ending and approaching, i have gained the traditional holiday weight that i am mever going to do again. My question for everyone is which workout has helped you lean out the best?
Meltdown 1 or 2, GVT 2000, EDT, EDT-fat loss,a combination or another training method?
Keep in mind im 6’1, 215, 15 % bf, going to do 1.5 g Protein, under 30 carbs non workout days (Greens), 80 workout days (surge), 8 g EPA/DHA, and 2 tbsp of flax, with some cashews, and provolone on some days

I have found that Coach Davies “Fat to Fire” workout has been the most efficient and effective for me. It also lays a good foundation for GPP work and rope work. You need to be in pretty good shape just to survive the program, but it is my staple fat loss program when I creep over 10%. For 10% and under I’m going to give “The Cheaters Diet” a try. I have gone thru three, three week sessions of F2F since it was published, about a year ago. Hope this helps.

I have done the following fat loss programs all with good results. Starting with the most brutal.

1. Roadwork / T-Dawg 2. Meltdown II / Steroid Diet 3. The Winning Formula / Don't Diet 4. Meltdown / T-Dawg