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Best Workout Stack


white flood and green mag (Controlled labs)
shock therapy and torent (Universal)
superpump 250 and size on (gaspari)

I'm thinking about taking one of these soon let me know what you guys think.


Just eat a bunch of carbs with some protein, add some caffein and you will be flying.
Spending money on 3 different pre-w supps wont do shit. Instead just use 1 at a time.


dont take any of them


… none of them?


No I’m talking about taking one pre-workout supp and one post workout supp.


White flood makes your face and whole body tingly its a cool feeling. Other than that felt nothing else from it. Superpump is meh, I only used it for a pre-workout focuser mad headaches coming off of it (haven’t been on it since).

Get Biotest Surge Workout Fuel it’s better than any other product I’ve tried without the unnecessary tingling and headaches.


caffeine powder in bulk is really really cheap.

as is Spike pills.

i would never buy any of that stuff on your list OP.