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Best Workout Plan With Limited Weight?

Unfortunately as I live in the UK, there was a news story today saying that ALL gyms around the country are going to be closed from today “until further notice”. When that is, I’ve no idea, but I’ve got a feeling I’m now gonna be out of the gym for months, if not years if this carries on. Whilst it may seem like a very minor issue in comparison to what’s going on right now, I’m sure that a lot of you guys will understand how frustrating this can be for somebody whos life revolves around working out, eating healthy, and generally following a bodybuilding lifestyle.

I live in a very small flat, and don’t have any proper weight equipment at home such as a squat rack, bench, etc. Well, I DO have a bench, but nowhere to put a barbell so that I can do flat & incline bench, etc. The barbell & dumbbells I own have a very limited amount of weight plates, and is nowhere near the amount that I usually lift at my gym.

My question is, what is the best way around this if buying new equipment isn’t a possibility? Obviously doing higher reps, drop sets, etc is of course an option but in order to maintain my strength & muscle as best as I can, do you guys have any decent tips? I also worry about things like my Deadlift strength reducing considerably, as with the limited amount of weight plates I have, I could probably rep out 200-300 reps on Deadlift without breaking a sweat, in comparison to the amount I usually lift at the gym.

Would really appreciate the help.

Kind regards, thank you.

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