Best Workout Plan - Forearm Work?

Hello CT,
I would like to add a little more emphasis on forearms. Awhile back I read your T-Nation article regarding body parts that can be trained daily, and forearms were one of them.
In addition to the exercises in the Best Workout Plan program that already work the forearm muscles, would adding some direct forearm work for ulnar/radial deviation, and supination/pronation work be detrimental to the program?
Thanks in advance!

I know I’ve personally been adding some farmers walks at the ends of some of the workouts (2-3/6 a week) as a body/forearm burnout. Just an idea, but I feel like they’re also an effective move at noticing increase in overall strength with distance/weight carried progressively increasing.

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I used daily ulnar/radial deviation exercises daily when training for golf and it did not negatively impact my recovery and performance.

Thank you much for your thoughts and help!

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Perfect! Thank you much for all your help and advice. Greatly appreciated