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Best Workout Plan for Naturals Part 2?

Hey Coach,

The first 7 weeks are almost up from initial release. Will part 2 be released in time to pickup after this deload week? If not, what do you suggest we do in the interim?

I’ve asked him when it’s going to be released and the answer I received was he has sent it in and so he has no control on when it will be released. I’m on week 5 and wondering the same thing so I really hope they release it in time to continue.

Thanks, @jtbrown051

Any indication on how to fill in the time in between?

Well I’m hoping that it will be out after the one week off, which will be the 7th week. Personally as a Type 3 I will probably just restart if it isn’t out by the time we need it to be. Or do something like a 5x5 whole body approach 3 days a week.

In the interim there’s this…