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Best Workout Plan for Naturals - Eating on Non Training Day

Hi CT,

Ive just bought the programme and hope to start in the next couple of weeks (when hopefully gyms in the UK will open back up).

I’ve calculated my daily calorie intake and macros and how I will fit them into my training days but what should I do on the non training day? Should I stick with the same number of calories and should my macro split be the same? If so, how should I be dividing my carbs throughout the day?


Hi mate - this might help!

Also do you count vegetable carbs in your macros?

Brilliant, thanks for that

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Coach’s “Best Damn Diet” says that you can use, among other things, beans and berries as a carb source, so I infer that you would probably count them - assuming the diet plan you’re using works on the same principles. Obviously I’m not Coach though, so I’m just guessing!

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Hi @Christian_Thibaudeau ,

I’ve calculated my assessment number for gaining muscle as 2500 calories (I only weigh 156lbs).

Based on 40% carbs and protein 190g (1.25xBW), I’ve worked out my macros as,

carbs 174g, 696 cals
protein 190g, 760 cals
fat 116, 1044g cals

Based on 50% carbs and protein 190g, I’ve worked out my macros as,

carbs 217g, 870 cals
protein 190g, 760 cals
fat 96g, 870 cals

Does this seem correct? I feel it seems not a lot of carbs and a lot of fat. I used your guidelines from ‘the best damn diet for natural lifters’ which says to subtract your protein calories before working out the 40/50% carb count. Other calculations Ive seen haven’t said to do that, I just want to make sure I’ve picked it up correct. I’ve been doing carb cycling for about a year, so maybe that’s why I think they seem low.

Also, when meal planning do you count carbs/ calories from vegetables?

One more thing, I do extreme stretching after my working set, would this programme benefit from that?

Thanks in advance

The article states that your non-protein calories can be made up of 40-60% carbs depending on how lean you are. Not sure if you opted for 40-50 because you don’t consider yourself lean.

Your math is correct.