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Best Workout Plan for Natural Lifters - Deadlift and Bench Press

I just bought “TBWPFNL” and are planing to start on the program next week.
I’m really looking forward to get started, but are (maybe) bummed out that there’s no bench pressing and deadlifting.
How will this program hit the bench and deadlift? Might be a stupid question but will I get weaker in these two exercises?
Is there a way to implement these two or should I just wait until the program has ended to crank out some reps?
Thanks for all great articles, coach!!

  1. It’s not a strength program. It’s an hypertrophy plan. And while it will include some heavier work down the road (it will include six “programs”) its goal is not to get someone stronger, but bigger. Obviously, the side effect of getting more muscular is an increase in strength potential.

  2. If all the muscles involved in a lift get bigger and stronger, that lift will not get weaker (it should get stronger). Now, you could turn in a worse performance at first simply because your technique and efficiency on the movement might be down. But within a few sessions everything will be back to normal.

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